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News about elevators

Installation of elevators. Elevator to the orbit

The Japanese plan to lift installation to communicate with the orbit of the Earth

Who would have thought that a fantastic dream of the founder of cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky on the construction of a huge transport hub between the earth and the "Heavenly Palace" in the sky will be relevant in our time. Japanese and American engineers closely undertook the design of a space elevator, promising to launch the final transport system in 20-30 years.

Lift na orbitu3

 The Japanese company "Obayasi" announced the commissioning of a celestial path for 2050. Head of Satomi Katsuyama, in brief, explains how it will be installed and what to keep a heavenly road. First, at a distance of 96 000 kilometers from the ground to install a special counterweight, which will connect with the ground monorail. Monorail will be an elevator lift. On the assumption of scientists, most of the way the elevator will go up due to the centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation. Having 36 thousand kilometers of the elevator car, she rolled to the station. Due to the fact that the center of gravity will be located in geosynchronous orbit, the entire structure will be constantly moving with the Earth, with the same speed.

Monorail from nano tubes

 To make communication monorail strong enough engineers propose the use of nano tubes of carbon compounds. The characteristics of nano tube is 100 times stronger than steel and that is important in a hundred times lighter than metal products.

Lift na orbitu2

 For travel booths upstairs will be used with lifting capacity of 30 people and a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Starting with Earth explorers reached geostationary orbit in a week. In geostationary orbit 36 ​​000 km altitude orbit station can accommodate. For travelers, it will be the last station. For scientists, astronauts and technicians will be able to climb higher, right up to the very end point, the place where the counterweight will be located. Engineers do not exclude the possibility of a monorail connection with the lunar surface.

Project cost

 The most practical connection monorail place in the world will be a point approximate to the equator. The reason for that will serve as the natural factors - the lack of storms and lightning, which is important for the safety of the elevator.

 According to the most conservative estimates the project will cost about $ 15 billion.

 The project is certainly crazy. It is difficult to imagine its realization. On the other hand, if you go back 60 years ago, few believed that a person could be months away from Earth at a distance of thousands of kilometers. In favor of this project are every day more and more open to new products nano technology. It is possible that in ten years in the building will soar other, more advanced and cost elements that can not fail to affect the expression of the monorail with fantastic ideas into reality.

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