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News about elevators

Installation of elevators. Lifting measures.

After a series of tragedies in the elevators of St. Petersburg and other Russian cities specialized agencies are trying to tighten control over the elevators.

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One step towards this - linking requirements installation of lifts with building codes.
According to the Ministry of Construction, two technical committees - the building and the elevators, escalators and moving walks - signed an agreement on cooperation. They will now work on the coordination of development programs, their mutual coordination and the timely updating and adjustment.

Control in one hand

One of the goals of the association, according to the head of Real Estate and Construction "Maxim Legal" Eugene Druzhinin, is to reduce the number of regulatory bodies lift facilities.

By the way, a similar problem was raised in the beginning of February at a meeting of the public council at the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision. So, after the entry into force of the technical regulations of the Customs Union "Safety Lift" in 2013 supervision of compliance with the requirements laid down in it has been entrusted to several organizations. For the production of lifts Rosstandart responsible for installation - Gosstroynadzor, service - Rostekhnadzor, for the operation - Zhilinspektsiya and management companies. According to experts the board, "like the erosion of supervisory functions between several bodies in the absence of the requirements have led to a significant reduction in the level of security, as evidenced by the facts of accidents on lifts and accidents when using them," - noted in Rostekhnadzor. In this regard, Rostekhnadzor is planning to appeal to the Russian government, in order that he be returned to the authority for supervision on the stages of design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of elevator equipment.

"Now the elevators are put into operation separately from the building. Therefore, already become a classic situation where the house is put, the tenants stopped, but the elevators do not work. As for the construction of the elevator box, a contractor is responsible for the equipment - the other, and all this under the control of different authorities, it turns out the problem, - says Eugene Druzhinin. - Since the adoption of the new edition of the Town Planning Code of the construction procedure, try to make the principle of a single window. Thus, the regulator wants to unite acceptance of elevators and buildings in a single procedure. "

Tighter control of elevators can also be due to the fact that in the coming years, the installation of new and replacement of old elevators will occur more often, suggests General Director, "Fund for capital repairs of apartment buildings Leningrad" Sergey Weber: "Many cities, such as Sosnovy Bor, built 25 years ago - is the maximum life of the elevator, which is now coming to an end. Perhaps because of the large amount of work on the replacement of elevators and it was decided to enhance control in this direction ".

Save on all

In recent years, the number of accidents in elevators Petersburg has increased, experts say. So, at the end of January in a residential house on the street Tourism. in the elevator shaft between the sixth and seventh floors of the death crashed a 14-year-old. In dekab¬re 2015 killed a woman because of the fact that the floor collapsed, and for a few days in the elevator before the elite new buildings in the capital because of the accident killed 10-month-old baby in the elevator in Moscow. And that's just in the last three months. The reason for many accidents begins at the building design stage, confident CEO "VodoStroyProekta" Sergey Ivanov: "The results of many geological studies do not correspond to reality. As a consequence, the design of buildings takes place on the basis of incorrect data about soils. If the geology is designed correctly, the building "plays" - begin uneven subsidence. "

That is why in recent years have become frequent cases when in the recently handed over houses during the lift starts to shake. Thus lifting equipment responds to changes in the geometry of the elevator shaft. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to introduce control over the authenticity of the geological survey, said Mr. Ivanov: "Geology - fun is not cheap, so save on it as they can. Control over the results today do not. " Another cause of accidents in elevators is already in the process of eksplua¬tatsii. "The experts who check the serviceability of the elevator, this is not an elementary equipment. I do not remember that at least one lift checking of the emergency brake. Cable rupture again manually verified. What can a mechanic with a screwdriver? - Complains Sergei Ivanov. - And all this is because the management company maximum savings and enters into a contract with the questionable level of service organization elevators. "

With this view agrees and Sergey Weber. According to him, if the tenants are dissatisfied with the elevators, they should refer to the management company, which will replace the service organization more professional. However, because of that, most likely, will increase service rates. For better control of the elevators in high-rise buildings need to check them according to the approved schedule osmot¬rov, and reports on these works hang in the doorways of houses, said Mr. Weber. "Accidents in elevators in recent years it has become more and we must do something. But the regulator, as usual, increases kont¬rol where it enough - at the level of construction, and forget about it at the design level and operation "- summed up Sergei Ivanov.

Newspaper: Leningrad Region Construction Weekly №65

Author: Olga Kantimirova

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