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Installation of elevators. German elevators BKG

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Installation of elevators. German elevators BKG

Lift BKG 2a

The life of the modern city it is impossible to imagine without elevators, which are used in almost every building of medium and high altitude. Logically, to meet the continuous demand on the elevators there is a market similar to producers, one such manufacturer is the German company BKG, with rich, more than 50 years of experience in the production of elevators. The company is a recognized leader in the industry. Capacities of the company BKG, located in the German town of Paderborn, are provided with the most modern and technologically advanced equipment that allows for the widest range of products. The annual production volume exceeding 2,000 units and includes both freight and passenger elevators, installation of which can be carried out in virtually all buildings and structures.

An important feature produced by BKG elevators is their unsurpassed German quality combined with democratic price. BKG Lifts has long and deservedly won fame undemanding in maintenance and are easy to install equipment which has also long life.

Lift BKG 1aAmong the products offered to customers is especially noteworthy industrial lifts, which are increased requirements for quality, reliability and ease of use. These elevators are used in life-threatening industries, buildings, containing hazardous substances and gases in hospitals, which often need to transport critically ill patients. At the same time the firm BKG freight elevator has a maximum load capacity of 1000 kg, not to mention two or one-sided loading. I would like to highlight and an electric motor, having verhneshahtnoe location, while passenger elevators of the company have the lateral position of the elevator drive. A special company BKG workmanship is possible to note the small freight elevator, which has a fairly decent load capacity in its class, up to 250 kg.

In recent years, we gained immense popularity and spread of so-called panoramic elevators, ie having a large surface area of ​​the glazing of the elevator car. The use of such cabins is due to not only the aesthetic features of the design ideas, but also quite practical reasons. These cabins are generally lighter than their metal counterparts.