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News about elevators

Escalator for the elderly and disabled

Mini-escalators for people with disabilities.

We already told about the installation of elevators for cottages that help our grandparents, as well as people with limited mobility.

Today we will tell you and show how you can help such people in a conventional low-rise apartment building where elevators are not provided and people have to climb their floor on foot. For the young to fly 5 floors - it's easy, but for the elderly it's a big problem to go outside and get some fresh air.

Such mini-escalators are already being used not only in residential buildings, in hospitals, clinics and other institutions in Europe.

The principle of the escalator is very simple:

  • When lifting, stepping to the next step, it rises upward under your weight and you, as if walking on a flat surface;
  • When you descend, the same thing happens. Stepping on the first step, it falls to the level of the next step and stepping on it, it also goes down.

Such mini-escalators help people with disabilities in those buildings where the installation of elevators is not technically provided, and a full escalator can not be mounted.

Look at this video and see how easy it all is!

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