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Installation of elevators. Inclined elevators

Installation of inclined elevators

Naklonnyi lift

An inclined elevator or escalator?

And what is the difference? Escalators, usually located in buildings or enclosed spaces, but the inclined lift can work on the streets, and in any natural environment, on the principle of the funicular. The inclined lift is a good solution for raising people to the altitude while having a panoramic view.

The main features of inclined elevators.

In principle, the equipment for lifting the inclined elevator consists of the same parts and structural elements as in conventional vertical elevators. Maintenance of elevators is carried out by the same maintenance personnel and does not represent any complexity.
Of course, there are some differences in the inclined lifts. Basically, they work on winches with no gear motors, on permanent magnets. Therefore, they work almost silently and without interruption. Guide cabins and winch elements do not require lubrication. Inclined elevators are installed, both indoors and outdoors, in natural conditions. They do not pollute the environment and are environmentally friendly.
All panoramic cabs of inclined lifts are made of impact-resistant car windows and their finish can be under any design and caprice of the customer. The doors of the sloping elevator booths can be single or double swinging with an upper or lower unlocking mechanism. Depending on the availability of space, the lifting equipment can be installed in the machine room or without it.
Depending on the destination and the number of passengers, the carrying capacity of inclined elevators can be from 300 kg to 2 tons or higher. If the inclined lift is designed for tourist trips so that you can safely inspect the panorama of the terrain, then its speed can be 0.6 m / s, for normal transportation - up to 1.6 m / s.
Depending on the tasks of the elevator and the building's structure, the inclined elevator can be installed at any angle: 15,30,45,60 and even 90 degrees. All equipment has a high resistance to fire and has an economical power supply up to 400 V and 50 Hz.

The main advantages of inclined elevators:

• Panoramic view from the elevator
• Safety and comfort in bad weather
• Quiet operation
• Easy to use for children and people with disabilities
• Lower maintenance costs for elevators
• Energy saving
Group of companies "MITOL" manufactures installation of elevators and maintenance of elevators. Here you can order the installation of elevators of any design, including the installation of an inclined elevator.

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