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The Day of the Worker of the Lifting Industry

montazh liftov1a

Dear colleagues and friends! We congratulate you on our professional holiday - Day of the Worker of the Lifting Industry!

This year marks 69 years since the adoption of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR "On the organization of production of elevators." Although the official status of our holiday has not yet received in Russia, we have been celebrating it for several years. Although, we are congratulated on the holiday and on the Day of the Builder, and on the Day of the employee of the housing and communal services. We hope that the State Duma and the Russian government will decide this year to celebrate the Day of the Worker of the Lifting Industry.

I would like to wish this holiday to everyone who works in the elevator health, happiness, luck in all endeavors, new creative ideas and production achievements.
Our dear is only up and this is the way to success!

Administration of the Group of Companies MITOL.

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