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Installation of elevators. Choice of freight elevator

Which is better to choose: a freight elevator or a cargo lift?

Practically any modern production, be it construction or any storage facilities, needs mechanization means for lifting various loads to a given height or a certain floor. And not only production. With the advent of the first high-rise buildings, the problem of lifting all kinds of cargo, from furniture to construction materials, has also become relevant for residents of the first "skyscrapers" and employees located in their offices. Thanks to the appearance of such remarkable lifting mechanisms as a modern cargo elevator and a cargo lift, we now do not need, like the ancient Egyptians, to use a complex system of levers and blocks and enormous physical strength for lifting even the heaviest loads to any man-made height.

gruzovoy lift

With regard to production, then if you need to address the issue of lifting a variety of goods, there is always the problem of choice, which is preferable - a freight elevator or a cargo lift. The tasks of these mechanisms are almost the same, but due to the fact that the production of freight lifts has a significantly lower cost, the price of these two devices is not comparable. A detailed consideration of this alternative, we now and will.

Cleanly structurally the cargo lift differs from the cargo lift in that the vertical movement of cargo is always done with the conductor, the control panel is located directly inside the cargo cabin, and for the operation of the elevator it is required to equip a special shaft that cuts the interior space of the building. In addition, any freight elevator must necessarily be registered with the state bodies of Rostekhnadzor, and this takes time and money.

gruzovoy podemnik

Taking into account all the above, the advantages of cargo lifts become obvious. Especially if it is a question of such lifting mechanisms, as lifts. It remains only to clearly formulate them and list them.

1. Constructive advantages of cargo lifts

  • There is no need to build a special mine. Cargo lifts can be reliably attached outside the building to any wall or floors with the help of such proprietary structural elements as masts and racks.
  • The lack of a control panel directly on the cargo lift itself does not interfere with its functionality, but only makes the design cheaper. The external control panel performs the same functions, either by sending a cargo cabin to the assigned floor.

2. Economic advantages of cargo lifts

  • Significantly lower freight elevator cost.
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs.

3. Other benefits

  • Absence of the necessity of compulsory registration in the bodies of Rostechnadzor.
  • Ease of installation, dismantling and repair.
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