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Installation of elevators. The tallest buildings

High-rise buildings have always been a testament to high technological achievements and the genius of human thought. In the modern world, the status of skyscrapers has increased even more. For cities and countries, the possession of super-high buildings brings not only prestige points, but also real people who want to see with their own eyes the latest technical and architectural achievements. Therefore, the race of "floors" is gaining ever higher speed. Builders produce installation of elevators of more complex structures and maintenance of elevators in skyscrapers has its own specifics for repair work.

The five tallest buildings in the world for 2018:

Burj Khalifa1

1. Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world. The height of the skyscraper is 828 meters, and the floors in it are 162, and 160 of them are residential. The building was named in honor of the current President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Sheikh Khalifa ibn Zayd al-Nahay. In the building installation of elevators in the amount of 57 pieces was made. But only the service elevator rises from the 1st floor to the very top. Residents of the same skyscraper have to move between floors with transplants. The speed of the elevators reaches 10 m / s. The opening ceremony of the giant skyscraper took place on January 4, 2010. The cost of building the facility amounted to $ 800 million. Construction lasted 6 years, with a speed of about 2 floors per week.

Shanghai Tower

2. The Shanghai Tower is a very tall building in Shanghai in the People's Republic of China. Buildings 632 meters high and a total area of ​​380,000 square meters. Next to the skyscraper are the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Tower.
On the channel "on the roofs" YouTube, two Russian-speaking extremals made their way to the construction site of the Shanghai Tower and scrambled to the mark of 650 meters. They were Vitaly Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov. Video on their channel today has gained more than 67 million views. You can see for yourself.

3. Abraj al-Bayt - a complex of skyscrapers, built in Saudi Arabia in Mecca.
By mass - this is the heaviest construction in the world and takes the third place in the world, after the tower of Burj Khalifa and Shanghai Tower.

The Royal Clock Tower Hotel

The highest skyscraper of the complex is the Royal Clock Tower Hotel. He serves as a hotel and receives about one hundred thousand pilgrims from 5 million, who annually come to Mecca for participation in the hajj.

The clock, located at around 400 meters, is the largest in the world. Dials with a diameter of 43 meters look at the four directions of the world, and the length of the minute hand is 22 meters, and the hour - 17. Giants-watches are visible from anywhere in the city.
The hotel "Royal Clock Tower" is a bit like Big Ben in London, but 6 times higher.
The 45-meter spire is crowned with a gilded crescent. On the spire are also in 160 very powerful loudspeakers, which broadcast a call to prayer for a distance of more than 7 km.

The highest building of the complex - the hotel "Royal Clock Tower" has a height of 601 meters. The construction was completed in 2012.


4. International Financial Center Pinan in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China - is a complex of facilities, which includes a 599-meter, 115-storey skyscraper with a total area of ​​468,600 m². The construction was completed in 2017 and the building became the 2nd tallest in China, and the 4th, among the tallest buildings, apart from the TV tower.

According to the original design, the building had a height of 660 meters and would be the second in the world and the first in China in height, but later it was abandoned from the spire so as not to interfere with aviation flights, and the altitude was reduced to 599 meters.

Lotte World Tower

5. Lotte World Tower is a 555 meter skyscraper in 123 floors, in the entertainment complex Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea. Construction began in 2005, but was suspended due to restrictions, due to the nearby airport. Only in 2009 the restrictions were lifted and in February 2010 the construction resumed. Originally, according to the project, the height of the building 555 meters made it one of the tallest buildings in the world, but due to height restrictions, time was lost. The owner and the main contractor are the companies that are part of the Lotte group of companies.

The building is a slender cone with a convex middle part. Light glass panels of the facade resemble traditional Korean ceramics. The building is located on the bank of the river Hangan. From the first floor to the sixth floor are shops, from 7 to 60 - office space, from 61 to 85 - apartments and from 86 to 119 - are hotels. The highest observation deck is on floors 120 to 123 and is always open for free access.

On March 27, 2016, two Russian photographers climbed to the top of the crane and filmed a video clip of the ascent. Watch the video.

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