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News about elevators

Caution, the doors open

This year in Moscow there will be a Russian-Belarusian assembly production of elevators

Russia Belorusia

In the Memorandum of Joint Activity "Mogilevliftmash" and the Moscow enterprise "Vozduhotekhnika" agreed to move step by step from production cooperation to joint production of elevators on the basis of the Russian enterprise. The signing ceremony took place at the Belarusian embassy in Moscow.


- Mogilevliftmash is one of the leaders in the elevator industry in the entire post-Soviet space. We know the Belarusian company as a quality and competitive partner. In addition, we already have experience of cooperation with the Mogilev plant "Electric Motor". With "Mogilevliftmash" we will work in stages, - said Oleg Sidorov, General Director of "Vozduhotekhnika".

The first step: nodal delivery, assembly and installation of elevators on the basis of "Vozduhotekhnika". The second: partial localization of production, allocation of the share of components from the production areas of the Russian enterprise.

"There is no sense in leading equipment from Russia to Mogilev, and then back to Moscow. This can save: reduce costs and increase competitiveness, "explains Sidorov. - Starting degree of localization - up to ten percent. Gradually it will reach 30 percent. These are frames, stretchers under the winch, details for framing from metal. Joint production will increase the number of jobs almost doubled. Now we have 350 employees.

In the Russian market, the Belarusian company is always among the leaders in the supply of elevators. So if last year in Russia installed more than 40 thousand lifts, of which about 10 thousand - Mogilev. For example, in the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, at Baikonur, in the St. Petersburg Admiralty.

- "Mogilevliftmash" actively cooperates with "Nizhegorodliftmash" and "Nevsky lift". In Moscow, we traditionally supplied a small number of elevators, so the new production will only give an additional impetus to the Russian-Belarusian cooperation, - said Sergei Chertkov, deputy general director of Mogilevliftmash.


The Russian-Belarusian production will be located in the south-west of Moscow, near the Moscow Ring Road. The planned capacity is up to ten thousand elevators a year. Also, production of elevators with the use of a modern component base will be set up here - without gear winches, telemetry systems, modern indicator displays. The main sales market is the central district of Russia, Moscow and the Moscow region. The first fruits of the Russian-Belarusian cooperation will be appreciated in the autumn - at the Fifth Forum of Regions in Mogilev.

- By 2020, according to the requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, Russia should replace the old elevator park in the housing stock and social sphere. To ensure that elevators meet all modern safety requirements. So the Ministry of Construction of Russia launched the project of accelerated replacement of elevators, which is now being actively implemented in the regions. For example, last year it was possible to replace more than fifteen thousand elevators. But we also need additional production facilities, "said Sergei Chernyshov, president of the Association Russian Lift Association. - The next program that operates in Moscow is a renovation. It requires an increase in the volume of modern and high-quality elevators. And most importantly - the May decree of the President of Russia on the increase in the volume of housing construction by 2024 from 80 to 120 million square meters per year. In one and a half times increase the construction of multi-apartment, high-rise buildings, and therefore for their maintenance will need elevators.

Source: Information portal Union Universe

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