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Installation of elevators. Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

petronas kuala-lumpur

Designed by the Argentine architect César Pelly, the Petronas Twin Towers, are one of the most interesting places in Kuala Lumpur, where visiting is on the first place in the list of every tourist who comes to Malaysia.
The towers of Petronas are built according to all the canons of Islamic architecture. The eight-pointed star was taken as the basis of the buildings, as a symbol of Islam, the main religion of Malaysia.

The towers were built long enough from 1992 to 1998. The customer of the construction was Petronas oil and gas company, in honor of which the towers were named. The construction of each of the towers was conducted by two different companies in order to create competition and increase labor productivity on both sides. And, thus, to speed up the erection of skyscrapers.
The towers were erected on soft ground. The foundation, on which the architectural structures were located, was flooded for several days. The depth was more than one hundred meters. In the history of today and today, this foundation can rightfully be considered the largest on a world scale. Also, the installation of elevators in the amount of 78 pieces was made. Maintenance of elevators is carried out by qualified specialists. Emergency elevator services work around the clock.


Skyscrapers reach a height of 452 meters, and consist of 88 floors. The towers housed office buildings, art galleries, conference rooms, museums, a concert hall, and a mosque. Modern and traditional art, classic and modern, national costumes and artifacts can all be seen in the art gallery. Pictures of famous artists and local talents will also please you with their uncommonness. The local symphony orchestra of Malaysia plays in the concert hall.

The towers are connected by a chic glass bridge, called the Sky Bridge. The bridge does not have a fixed mount (the mount consists of hinges), so even the stormy weather is not terrible for him. The bridge is located at an altitude of 170 meters from the ground at the level of 41-42 floors. There is an observation deck on the bridge. It has a wonderful view of the city and KLCC Park at the foot of the towers.
Petronas Twin Towers - the highest among all the other twin towers. Originally the highest towers in America (Chicago) were considered. Their height reached 527 meters. But during the commission, the fact that the main height falls on TV antennas was revealed, so it was decided by unanimous decision to remove the American towers from the title "The highest twin towers".
Architects have made enormous efforts to make the towers of Petronas higher and majestic. The height of the towers was increased by the spiers, giving an overall appearance to both structures.
The towers of Petronas impress with its scale. Their unusual appearance, height and grandeur stun look and breathtaking. This is a visiting card not only for Kuala Lumpur, but for the whole of Malaysia.

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