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Installation of elevators. Manhattan - full of skyscrapers of people


Manhattan is the most famous area of ​​New York, which is its "heart". The island of Manhattan was opened in 1609 by the English captain Henry Hudson (by the way, in honor of him, the river dividing the states of New York was named). It stretches for 21 km along the coast of the Hudson River. Often, speaking of New York, US residents have in mind Manhattan - the main cultural and financial center of the whole country.

It is almost impossible to get lost in Manhattan, all the streets are numbered from south to north, and quarters are numbered from 1 to 16 from west to east. Such an architectural breakdown looks like the idea of ​​a rectangular grid and is perfectly visible on the map. Manhattan is conditionally divided into three parts: Aptown (Upper), Middletown (Middle) and Downtown (Lower).
It is with the city of Downtown that the tourists who come here begin their journey, in which the most famous and longest street of Manhattan - Broadway originates. It is home to numerous shops, shopping centers, banks, restaurants, theaters and attractions. This is the stock exchange of New York, and City Hall - the local city hall, and the Brooklyn Bridge - a great engineering structure, and Herald Square, and much more.

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In Middletown life is boiling even more. Here you can see the Empire State Building, Times Square, Bryan Park, the New York Public Library, the Kolmabas Circle and of course the Central Park, where you can relax on the numerous lawns from the hustle and bustle of the streets, have a small picnic and enjoy impressions received from Manhattan.
Aptown, located north of the Central Park, is less attractive for tourists, although there is a lot of interesting. Most of it is occupied by Harlem - the "black capital of America", in which the crime rate has dropped significantly and museums, cinemas, shops and shopping centers are opening more and more often. In this area is Columbia University, part of the Ivy League.
In Manhattan, most of New York's attractions are located, including many skyscrapers. The very first skyscraper - House-iron was built in the early XX century and has a triangular shape. Modern skyscrapers amaze with their greatness: the Ampar-State Building, which has long been a visiting card of Manhattan and has 102 floors, magnificent Chrysler Building, Grandt Central - the railway station, and many others.
An interesting sightseeing facility is the Nelson Tower, which has a height of 171 meters. In the tower only 40 floors and maintenance of elevators are made regularly. One of the special buildings of Manhattan is the Hayden Planetarium, located in the Upper West Side in the Museum of Earth and Space Rose.

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The Church of St. Paul is the most ancient landmark of the city. The building, made in Georgian style, has been preserved since 1766! Also the historical monuments include the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Church of the Holy Communion, the Grace-si mansion, the St. John the Divine Cathedral and the buildings in the style of the Greek Renaissance, dating back to the XIX century.
No less attractive places for tourists are the numerous museums: the Museum of American Crafts, the Museum of Memory on September 11, the Metropolitan Museum, the Gallery of the American Bible Society and others.

In the concert halls of Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the Broadway Theater you can see various performances and musicals. The most famous cultural institution in Manhattan is the Manhattan Center. This is a whole complex, which includes several ballrooms, concert stages and recording studios. There are regularly held various events attracting a large number of tourists.

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Manhattan is also famous for its various entertainment venues. These are sports clubs, health centers and spa salons, two wonderful zoos in which not only children, but also adults, nightclubs and more are spending time with great joy. Lovers of shopping will also be satisfied. Here in each district in a large number are located shopping pavilions, prestigious shops fashion boutiques.
After a long trip to Manhattan, you will definitely want to refresh yourself in one of the many restaurants and cafes. Leading positions among tourists have won restaurant Harry's, cafe The Chef, coffee house Radina's Coffeehouse, bar So Long and others.
A profound trail of destruction and sorrow left a terrorist act in Manhattan in September 2011 and the hurricane Sandi, which continued to rage from October 29 to October 31, 2012. Despite this, Manhattan remains the main area not only of New York, but of the whole country.

Manhattan with its crazy rhythm of life, sparkling lights and majestic skyscrapers can not leave any tourist indifferent. Moreover, anyone who has ever been here once, will certainly want to come back again.

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