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Installation of elevators. Aquadam underwater conditions

AquaDom von Oben2

If you were lucky enough to visit the capital of Germany, Berlin, by all means visit the world's largest Aquarium Aquarium. Especially to see this underwater miracle is worth the families who have children, since the latter will just be delighted with him.
The aquarium is located in a luxurious five-star hotel "Radisson". All interested persons can get to his yard by buying a ticket, which, however, costs as much as 19 euros. However, everyone who saw Aquad, was enthusiastic about its incredible size and marine life. It is a tall elongated cylinder located in the lobby of the hotel. The city also has an interesting complex "The Marine Life of Berlin", in which, in addition to this aquarium, there are several smaller ones, and the oceanarium.

AquaDom von Oben1To build this marvelous magnificence, it took more than two years of work and a fabulous amount of about thirteen million euros. But such expenses of time and money very soon paid off, because Aquad quickly won among tourists the glory of the best attractions of all Germany.

The implementation of such a large-scale construction was carried out by the famous American company, which used modern innovative technologies for this. The architects created the shape of the cylinder in order to accommodate a fairly large elevator in the aquarium, which accommodates up to thirty people. Installation of the elevator in two floors inside the aquarium was made for the first time in construction. It is from this that a survey of the marine inhabitants of Aquadoma is made. The two-storey elevator rises upward in five minutes, that is, it moves slowly so that you can view the aquarium. Fish, of which there are more than fifty species, are placed in the water evenly due to the fact that they live at different depths. And if someone wants to admire the beautiful sea inhabitants more than once, you can always book a room in the hotel, and enjoy this show as much as you want. But this pleasure is expensive. However, tourists do not repel this.

The size of Aquadoma is impressive: the height is about twenty-five meters, the diameter is about eleven and a half meters, and the weight is more than two thousand tons. The design is made of acrylic glass and cylinders having a thickness of over twenty centimeters. The difficulty is still in the maintenance of the elevator, as it is inside the aquarium.

To clean the aquarium and feed the fish, scuba divers daily dive into it. Lighting and heating of water occur thanks to the light that comes through the transparent dome on top. And in the dark, this work performs artificial lighting.
Aquad is becoming more popular every day among both Berliners and tourists. The most affluent of them can afford to rent a room in this hotel and admire the depths of the sea regularly, because, they say, it calms the nervous system. In any case, the visitors of this huge aquarium will remain happy and happy.

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