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Installation of elevators. Disadvantages of living in skyscrapers

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The construction of skyscrapers in the modern world is already connected not with the problem of vacant places in the cities for construction, but rather a confirmation of their status for companies. Today, skyscrapers do not surprise anyone, and they have already reached a height of more than one kilometer. In Saudi Arabia, the 1007-meter tower of the Kingdom Tower is being built, in Kuwait there is a 1001-meter tower Madinat al-Hareer, etc. In Russia, the 354-meter residential tower of the IFC Oko in Moscow City is headed by the head of the Lakhta Center (462 m), which will occupy the second place in Russia and Europe, after the Ostankino TV tower (540 m). Also, in Grozny is cost 435 meter skyscraper "Ahmat-Tower".

Buyers of apartments in skyscrapers most often attract, of course, some status of such apartments, a homogeneous social environment and chic views from the windows to the sky - some tenants like to watch often through a telescope. But, as they say, there is always another side of the coin. Life in a skyscraper has a lot of nuances and features that are not always so enjoyable. Let's indicate the main "minuses".


A very serious argument of housing in skyscrapers is the cost of apartments. According to calculations and experts' opinion, housing in skyscrapers is 2-2.5 times more expensive than in conventional residential buildings. This applies to the cost of utilities and insurance services. Indeed, the maintenance of skyscrapers requires much more costs.

Fire safety

A great danger to the inhabitants of skyscrapers is a fire. Not even the fire itself, but measures to evacuate a huge number of people from the place of ignition and their withdrawal from the building. As the experts say, despite the high development of technologies in construction, the use of absolutely non-combustible materials is impossible. Therefore, a fire is a real threat. So, in 2009 there was a fire with the building of the CCTV Tower in Beijing under construction and a fire in 2013 in the construction of the "Olymp" Tower in Grozny-City, where the finishing works were carried out.

Seismic safety

Any earthquake is a danger to skyscrapers. Although any building is designed for seismic resistance and is provided by the materials and frame structure, geological surveys are carried out more carefully when choosing a site for the construction of a skyscraper. In the event of an earthquake, the difficulty lies in the rapid evacuation of people from the building. Although, the destruction of skyscrapers from earthquakes today is not recorded in the world, if we consider a skyscraper building at least 150 meters high.


Since it is impossible to ventilate in a skyscraper, by opening windows and transoms, with a breakdown of the air conditioner or a power outage, the room temperature rises rapidly, especially in summer or in hot climatic zones, and this is an inconvenience to residents.

Neboskreb oblaka1Lovely view from the window

One of the "pluses", which are often spoken in advertising by developers: "A beautiful view from the window" denies the residents of the upper floors of skyscrapers. In rainy weather, they see only a veil of clouds, and during a thunderstorm a more terrible sight. Although, any building is equipped with lightning arresters and is in it during a thunderstorm absolutely safely.

Possible technical problems

Some technical problems during life in skyscrapers: a weak pressure of water in the pipes on the upper floors, problems with the elevator during peak hours. When designing, installing elevators and their number, it was calculated on the number of permanent residents of the building and the number of visitors, but during peak hours this calculation does not work. Maintenance of elevators in skyscrapers is associated with a large flow of passengers and a huge speed of elevator movement, because elevators are basically all high-speed. In high-speed elevators, there is the problem of a sharp drop in pressure, which makes some people feel bad. Modern skyscrapers have neither opening windows nor balconies. Fresh air in the room comes through the air conditioning system. Although the windows do not open, they do exist. And there is one interesting point related to their washing. Living in a simple house, a person can wash their windows at least ten times a day. In skyscrapers, professional mountaineers are engaged in this, they are hired only a couple of times a year. Therefore, at the first desire to "update" the view will not work, exactly, as well as go out to smoke on the balcony.

Not enough parking available

One of the most important problems for residents of skyscrapers is the lack of parking for personal transport. All the while, there are not enough places for huge underground parking lots. After all, except for the tenants of a skyscraper, office workers, restaurants, beauty salons and other organizations need to be in parking lots, which are usually located on the lower floors of the building to increase its profitability.

Security Issues

A huge accumulation of the number of residents, staff of institutions, clients and guests in one place, overcrowding of skyscrapers creates the complexity of supporting people's safety. But the security service of the building has its own individual police, to support the order and prevent offenses and theft.


Living in modern skyscrapers, which are considered elite, housing "premium", has not only a huge number of benefits, but also some shortcomings. Therefore, when buying residential apartments in skyscrapers, it is better to know all the nuances and to choose the right floor and location of your housing on the sides of the world. And, nevertheless, to live in a skyscraper there are more advantages, as everything is in one place, only on different floors. In the building there are also shops, restaurants, fitness halls, pharmacies, cinemas, banks, everything you need for a comfortable stay.