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Selection of a contractor for maintenance of elevators

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Maintenance of elevators is an important component in the complex maintenance of any multi-storey facility, regardless of whether it is residential or industrial. Moreover, the specificity of the elevator economy is caused by the fact that its maintenance is performed by a specialized enterprise, and not by the general structures of the housing and communal services.

Now the circle of persons responsible for the state of passenger lifts is the owners of buildings and management companies who are responsible for the maintenance of passenger lifts, elevators and escalators.

from August 1, 2017, the new "Rules for the organization of safe use and maintenance of elevators, lifting platforms for disabled people, passenger conveyors (moving footpaths) and escalators, with the exception of escalators in subways" came into force. Details of this material can be found in our article "New rules for the use of elevators in Russia."

montazh liftov1aConsidering the importance of elevators, both for living and for organizing production processes, the maintenance of elevators is based on the use of constant technical supervision. The specialist of the service company should regularly check the direct operation of the elevator, evaluating those or other parameters. Thus, the ability of the elevator to perform its functions in the normal mode is confirmed.

If this capacity is not confirmed (for example, if any parameters exceed the normatively defined values), the elevator will need to be put on repair. Obviously, the operation of faulty elevators is fraught with serious problems.
Accordingly, for the maintenance of elevators, it is necessary to select a company that can not only conduct competent diagnostics, but also carry out repairs in the shortest possible time. For this, it is necessary to have highly qualified certified specialists and modern equipment.

In newly built houses to determine the organization for the performance of maintenance of elevators no problems. Usually the organization that carried out the installation of elevators and is selected for their maintenance. The account of all lifts, elevators and escalators put into operation is carried out by the authorized body in the register of objects.

If an apartment building or any industrial facility has long been put into operation, then the best way to determine the qualification of a serving company is to review its customers, especially if in the process of cooperation they needed urgent repairs.

mu1All elevators must be equipped with a two-way communication system with the control room.
Elimination of elevator failures must be performed within a period not exceeding 24 hours from the moment of its stop, when it is not connected with major overhaul or modernization.
In the event of an emergency stop of the elevator, the evacuation of persons located on the inside of the elevator car must be performed within 30 minutes from the moment the signal is registered.

Qualitative maintenance of elevators implies a wide range of activities:

  • Scheduled technical inspections;
  • Emergency technical inspections;
  • Routine maintenance of units and assemblies;
  • Scheduled and unscheduled repairs, including capital repairs.

Based on the specific tasks of the customer, maintenance of elevators is usually divided into three categories:

  1. Periodic maintenance. The least expensive, but not the most effective, because it implies a limited range of one-time works.
  2. Normal maintenance. Permanent maintenance of elevator facilities, plus emergency on-call visits.
  3. Full maintenance. The most qualitative option, because it is based on the principle of "all inclusive".

The group of companies "MITOL" performs installation and maintenance of elevators, escalators and travolators in Moscow and the Moscow region and meets all the requirements "Rules for the organization of safe use and maintenance of elevators, lifting platforms for disabled people, passenger conveyors (moving footpaths) and escalators, escalators in metro. "
The group of companies "MITOL" has qualified qualified specialists, its own production base, modern dispatching service and emergency technical service.

Group of companies "MITOL" on the elevator market of Russia for 20 years. Today, we manufacture more than 700 elevators per year and serve more than 8,000 facilities in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Welcome to MITOL!

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