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Installation of elevators. SEGP localized the first domestic production of winches for elevators

The Sarapulsky Electrogenerating Plant (SEGP) in Udmurtia was the first in Russia to complete the 100% localization of the production of domestic gear lift winches by launching the mass production of a worm pair, a key element of the lifting mechanism. Now, worm gears of winches are being bought by manufacturers of elevator equipment abroad, so the opening of a new production is another important step in import substitution for Russian elevator factories.

Lift SEGZ 1

In addition, the purchase and maintenance of domestic components are cheaper than imported counterparts, thereby increasing the availability of such an expensive event as replacing an elevator in an apartment building, said first deputy general director and executive director of AEGZ, Alexey Belyaev.

Lift SEGZ 2- This is a very promising direction. Every year in Russia, about 36 thousand elevators change or are installed in new homes. Our production at the first stage is designed to produce 6.5 thousand worm pairs per year, - said Belyaev.

An investment project to expand the production of elevator equipment at the Sarapulsky electric generating plant was initiated by the Board of Directors of the enterprise and supported by the Industry Development Fund (FRP).

- The project is aimed at import substitution of components for the production of domestic elevators. Its total cost was about 500 million rubles, of which 249 million is a soft loan from the Industry Development Fund. The company purchased high-tech equipment for borrowed funds, which made it possible to expand the production of elevator equipment, "commented Roman Petrutsa, director of the FER.

Having started the production of a worm pair, the Sarapulsky Generating Plant fully localized the production of elevator winches at its enterprise. To achieve this, the Group has been cooperating with large elevator factories since 2004, and first of all mastered the production of electric motors. At present, the plant has already produced about 75 thousand engines for a total amount of more than 1.2 billion rubles.

Lift SEGZ 3- During this period, we mastered our own production gearbox, traction shears, brake pulleys, an electromagnet, and the last product is a worm pair. In addition to the main assemblies from which the winch is assembled, there are also rubber products, a fan, housings, hardware products - this is all produced at the factory. We did not have a single rejection of the supplied winches. We are proud of it, and our technical and production competencies are ready to develop, so that our winch is not inferior to its Western counterparts, - said Belyaev.

In the past three years alone, a subsidiary of SEGP LLC "Wellift" doubled the production of gear winches. In 2017, there were 2,300 of them, this year they plan to release about 4,000, and for 2019, the goal is to increase the figure to 6,000. Since 2012, more than 10,000 elevator winches have been sold worth more than a billion rubles. New technological equipment of the plant allows in the shortest possible time to complete the full cycle of manufacturing components and parts.

Next Sarapulsky generator plant is preparing to begin the serial production of gearless elevator winches. They are smaller in size, consume little electricity, do not make so much noise and do not need to be installed in a large elevator machine room. Due to the production of winches, SEGP increases the share of civilian output. Now in the composition of the products shipped, this figure reaches 20 percent, whereas three years ago it was only eight percent. However, the winches are not the only civilian products of the plant.

- There are other areas that we successfully deal with and intend to engage in - for example, the development of outdoor electric vehicles. Just over 10 years ago, we began to explore the direction of explosion-proof engines. Today we supply them to oil and gas workers, and we occupy about a third of the Russian market, "concluded Alexei Belyaev.

Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities - Chief State Housing Inspector of Russia Andrei Chibis, who attended the official opening of the new production line, noted that the market for domestic elevator winches is very promising.

Lift SEGZ 5

- The overhaul program, which was hard to launch, has an effect not only in the form of renovated houses and working elevators, but also in the form of an incentive for the development of our industry. It is great that in Udmurtia, in Sarapul, production appeared where the production of winch equipment is localized, and now it supplies it to our American partners. This indicates a high quality product. I hope that in the near future the Udmurt enterprise will be one of the key suppliers of elevator equipment in the country. It is fundamentally important that the winch is the main and most dangerous part of the elevator, it is done here, it is worth a lot, - said Andrei Chibis.

Source: special project Russian Newspaper

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