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Installation of elevators. Toronto

Toronto panorama

Toronto is a huge metropolis, which has more than 2 million inhabitants. The city combines huge skyscrapers, industrial buildings, tall towers and renovated old buildings. In addition to the beautiful Canadian nature, Toronto hockey can offer tourists a huge number of interesting places.

Kasa Loma

Among all the attractions, a special place is reserved for the Castle Casa Loma. It does not have a long history and was built in the early 19th century by Canadian businessman Henry Pellat. The castle was a kind of personification of sulfur Henry's childhood dream. He built his residence in the style of a medieval European castle. Getting on its territory, creates a unique feeling of a fairy tale. The building does not have a certain style in it combines a huge number of different directions. In the middle you can see a luxurious and rich interior. The castle has a huge number of rooms, an elevator, running water, a large library and an observation deck. It is often rented for weddings, banquets, filming.

Toronto Hockeyhalloffame

Toronto is simply impossible to imagine without hockey. Therefore, being in the city, tourists should certainly visit the famous Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. The museum exhibits personal items, awards, equipment, photos of the most outstanding hockey players. This honor was awarded to only 300 players. Also, here is the famous Stanley Cup.

Muzey Ontario

The central and most popular museum of Toronto is the Royal Ontario Museum. The museum exhibits a huge amount of antiquities, stuffed prehistoric animals, ancient Egyptian sarcophagi and other interesting things. On the territory of 40 huge halls you can see the statue of the goddess Sekhmet, medieval vases, the remains of dinosaurs, precious stones.

CN Tower Canada

Another remarkable attraction of the city is one of the tallest television towers in the world, the CN Tower, its height is 553.33 meters. Built in the 70s today, it can offer tourists an observation deck located at an altitude of 351 meters. Equipped with a glass floor, it makes visitors experience extraordinary sensations. You can climb to the top of the stairs or by using the elevator. In addition, the tower houses a glass rotating restaurant, which can host a large number of visitors.

Toronto is a beautiful city with a beautiful and long history. A large number of museums, green parks, interesting buildings annually attracts tourists from all over the world.

Toronto is a city of skyscrapers.

Trump Tower Toronto

One of the multifunctional skyscrapers is the International Hotel and the Trump Tower has a height of 252 meters and is ranked 7th in Toronto and Canada among the tallest buildings. The building houses hotel rooms, apartments, bars, restaurants, and on the roof there is a health club-spa with an area of ​​over 1,670 m² overlooking Lake Ontario. Number of floors: 57 above ground, 2/5 underground. The hotel rooms are equipped with TVs built into the mirrors in the bathrooms, and toilet paper, on each sheet of which is printed the capital T - Trump. 6 high-speed elevators were installed in the building. Elevator maintenance is performed daily by qualified elevator company specialists. In July 2012, two high-warning aircraft warning lights were installed on the roof, and the total height of the building with a spire was 277.1 meters.

First Canadian Place Toronto

The tallest building in Toronto and Canada is considered to be the First Canadian Place - a skyscraper located in downtown Toronto. Its height is 298 m, and it ranks 15th in North America (if you count the height of the spire). Today it houses the main office of Bank of Montreal.
Construction of the building began in 1973 and was commissioned in 1976.

According to the project, white Carrara marble was used on the facing of the Building, which took about 600 tons, but in May 2007, during a strong hurricane, a marble block of 140 kg came off and fell off a 60th floor. Later, the building decoration systems were upgraded and the marble was replaced with glass panels in bronze frames.

36 elevators were installed in the building, of which 29 are two-level. First Canadian Place is one of the few buildings in the world where two-level elevators are used and maintained.


TD Canada Trust Tower is the third tallest building in Toronto. 263 m with a spire. 53 floors. Built according to the design of the architect Bregman + Hamann Architects in 1990.

Canada is a northern country. Both in Toronto, and in Montreal, and other large cities, people are protected from the vagaries of the weather by beautiful indoor galleries or underground passages.

Allen Lambert galleria Toronto

As an example, the Brookfield Place, which connects the TD Canada Tower skyscrapers with the Bay-Wellington Tower, is a huge covered gallery with openwork ceilings and a glass roof. This is the creation of the famous Spanish architect Allen Lambert and the sculptor Santiago Calatrava.

The network of underground and indoor elevated galleries, and Toronto passages (PATH) - the largest in the world. It crosses the entire city center and helps under the roof to get to any place

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