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News about elevators

Installation of elevators and sale from the group of companies MITOL

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The elevator is one of the most important inventions made by man; Elevator is an integral component in a person's life today. We can meet elevators in buildings of various types - these can be airports, production halls, offices. We offer services related to the supply, installation and maintenance of different models of elevators. Our experts will appreciate the quality of the equipment, as well as provide all the necessary services with the highest quality possible.

Our company MITOL specializes in the implementation of elevator equipment, as well as components for it. We are ready to offer quality service and exclusively modern products that comply with the principles of comfort and safety. Our company will deliver the goods to the customer when it is convenient, and the installation of products will take a minimum of time. We offer elevator equipment in a large assortment, which allows the client to make the best choice.

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We offer different models of elevators, drives, resistors, ropes and other components that will be indispensable if you need to upgrade elevators or perform repairs. For example, using the relay RPU can automate the operation of the elevator. Components that we offer have an optimal price, and the sale of elevators allows you to install a truly high-quality equipment, regardless of the purpose of operation and the type of building.

As you know, elevators can have different designs and different purposes. Passenger elevators are the most popular ones, which should guarantee comfort for passengers' travels, as well as ease of operation. The cost of elevators can be different and is largely determined by the conditions of operation. For example, if we are talking about an elite hotel, then it requires increased comfort, and perhaps a special design that will affect the cost of construction. When choosing a freight elevator, you should pay close attention to the load capacity - after all, the lifting of loads is the main task assigned to this type of equipment.


To choose the right type of elevator, you need to understand these products - and our consultants are ready to help you. We offer different models of elevators, as well as a number of other important advantages:
1) substantial discounts;
2) services for the installation of structures and maintenance of structures of elevators;
3) warranty on all products and work performed.

In a word, if you need good elevators and high-quality installation services, please contact our company MITOL!

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