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How often should elevators change in homes?

remont liftov

The National Elevator Union (NLS) proposed to include the replacement of dilapidated elevators in the national project "Housing and urban environment". The NLS proposed the idea of ​​replacing the old lifts with new lifts by including the item "Elevator Maintenance" in the receipts, but this option was not supported by either the Ministry of Construction or the Ministry of Industry and Trade (according to preliminary calculations by the Ministry of Construction, the cost of replacing old elevators in the country will be 150 200 billion rubles).

According to the executive director of the National Elevator Union Peter Kharlamov, the proposal of the DLS means not collecting money from the population, but creating a transparent scheme for paying for the maintenance of the elevator industry. If the replacement of dilapidated elevators is included in the national project, budget money will be allocated to help replace the required number of obsolete lifting mechanisms by 2020. In addition, this will make it possible to outline for the next five years the frequency of repairs to an aging lift park.

"We have no goals to burden the residents. We propose to do this in order to liquidate the arrears of management companies to the organizations servicing elevators, so that this scheme is transparent, approximately the same as with garbage collection. We have no desire to get any additional profit, we just want to get our money. When they go through management companies, not all of the MCs in good faith are calculated with us at the rates that they show to homeowners. For example, if residents pay 35 rubles per square meter for maintaining a house, this amount includes five rubles for maintenance of elevators. Some MCs do not list five rubles, but three, although they report to residents for five. Others don't list anything at all. Without a normal and transparent scheme, we cannot replace 110 thousand elevators, "says Kharlamov.

How many dilapidated elevators in Russia?

According to the National Lift Union (NLS), there are about 440,000 elevators in the housing stock of Russia. Of these, about 110 thousand need to be replaced. If you consider office buildings, medical and educational institutions and industrial enterprises, then the number of elevators that have worked out their resources will be around 130,000. Last year, they replaced 18,000-20,000, but so far there are no exact figures, says Kharlamov.

What is the lifespan of the elevator and how much does it cost to replace it?

The lifespan of the elevator is 25 years. Upon its expiration, the specialists carry out diagnostics, during which they determine how much the elevator meets the safety rules. The examination shows whether it is possible to repair the lifting mechanism or it is time to replace it.
According to estimates of the NLS, 10,000 elevators become obsolete every year in Russia. The cost of replacing and installing each is 2 million rubles.

How to get a replacement lift?

If the elevator regularly fails, you should contact the organization that is engaged in its maintenance, or the management company. Replacing the elevator is possible only after the end of its service life and the decision of the expert committee. If the tenants themselves want to replace the elevator, then they can do it only at their own expense (including on credit).
At their own expense, residents of the house can also replace any parts of the lifting mechanism or carry out its partial repair. To do this, you need to hold a general meeting, and then, if there is a majority of votes, contact the Criminal Code to enter into an agreement with liftovikami to perform the necessary work.

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