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Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant began to produce elevators according to new safety standards

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The capital manufacturer of elevators, PJSC Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, was the first in Russia to receive a certificate of compliance with new safety standards. This was reported in the press service of the department of investment and industrial policy of the capital.

"Moscow manufacturer of elevators, Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, the first in Russia certified products in accordance with the updated GOST, aimed at improving the safety of elevator equipment. Today it is the only elevator production in the Russian Federation that has received the certificate of state standard (GOST) 33984.1-2016. The updated GOST 33984.1-2016 was created in order to maximally combine the safety standards of elevator equipment produced in the Eurasian Economic Union with the European standard EN 81-20: 2014, "the press service reported.

The department explained that the elevators, manufactured in accordance with the new standards, will be equipped with double-sided stoppers, which will allow preventing the excess speed from rising upwards.

"Using a special speed limiter will help prevent uncontrolled movements of the elevator car. Installing an inspection post in the pit will allow the elevator to operate safely with a smaller number of personnel, "explained the department.
According to the head of the investment and industrial policy department, Alexander Prokhorov, the products of the capital's factories are in demand in Moscow and the regions of Russia, including high quality standards and compliance with modern safety requirements.

Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, PJSC annually produces more than 6 thousand elevators, another 10 thousand elevators are maintained by the company's specialists throughout Russia. Elevator equipment of this enterprise is used, including on unique objects in the city: in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, on the memorial on Poklonnaya Hill, in the State Kremlin Palace.

Source: Agency "Moscow"

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