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News about elevators

In Moscow, June 26, 2019, the opening of the international exhibition of elevators and lifting equipment

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From 26 to 28 June, an exhibition of lifting equipment of Russian Elevator Week will take place at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Manufacturers of elevators and components, suppliers of spare parts, representatives of foreign companies and international industry unions will take part in it.

Exhibitors will be able to see different types of elevators, travelators and lifts for the disabled, to get acquainted with new equipment management systems and solutions for control rooms. In addition, employees of management organizations will be able to test the skills of maintenance and operation of elevators at the exhibition.

The Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, together with the Qualification Assessment Center in the elevator industry, will prepare a special stand where elevators, elevator maintenance specialists and other industry workers will be able to test their qualifications by passing a theoretical exam. Participants in this test will receive a certificate that will allow them to undergo an independent assessment at the Center under special conditions.

"Considering that about half a million elevators are currently operating in Russia, and industry personnel are required to undergo qualification assessment, the presence at REW-2019 of TechnoProgress CSC gives all liftovikam a good reason to combine business with pleasure: to visit the main event of the industry and evaluate their own professional suitability" , - said Svetlana Shevchenko, the head of the Center for Technological Progress of TechnoProgress.

Also within the framework of Russian Elevator Week there will be conferences, round tables, seminars and discussions on topical issues of the industry. To visit the exhibition, you need to register on the event website.

Maintenance of elevators is an important work on which the lives of residents of the MKD depend. You can learn more about the professional standards of an elevator operator and a specialist in assessing the compliance of elevators with safety requirements from our materials.

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