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Home elevator is usually used for vertical transportation of objects and is mounted in residential buildings. This equipment is designed for moving goods as well as for transporting people. An elevator for a private house is not intended with a large carrying capacity and is mounted in buildings of two floors and above.

Owners of housing when choosing an elevator to a country house have to face the challenge of choosing between a hydraulic and an electric elevator. The choice is complicated by the fact that when operating the elevator, the difference between them is not noticeable. Many prefer to install hydraulic elevators. This is due to the peculiarities of its installation: the height of the upper floor can be only 2.4 meters and the optional manufacture of the pit that allows you to install the elevator directly on the ceilings.

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Elevators with hydraulic drive type have a lower noise level than with electric drive. Elevator lift height is limited to five floors.

Variants of the elevator to a private house can be both with an open cabin, and with a cabin of a closed modification. Most of them are elevators for closed type homes, since their use guarantees greater safety and reliability of passenger transportation.

Not so long ago, in our country, a new modification of lifting equipment appeared - a cottage elevator. Having a rather compact size, it is ideal for installation in small buildings, in private houses of a two-story building and above.

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As mentioned above, the lifting equipment in private homes is supplied with a hydraulic drive, has compact dimensions and silent operation. Designed to lift passengers (4 people) and cargo up to 240 kg, lifting speed from 0.2 m / s, connecting from a common network with a voltage of 220V and does not require laying of specialized electrical wiring.

In most cases, the elevator to the cottage is made to order, as a result, ideally combined with the interior of the house with its appearance and dimensions, durable, reliable, guarantees complete safety during operation. In addition, the installation of an elevator is possible both at the construction stage and already in a newly built house.

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