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Skyscrapers are necessary in the world, but in Russia ...

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One of the most famous skyscrapers from the Old Testament is the Tower of Babel. Motivated by ambition, pride, the peoples decided to reach the sky by building a tower. It ended in general tragedy, a mixture of languages, collapse and chaos. Mankind has not lost the desire to reach heaven so far and the construction of skyscrapers - tall buildings for various purposes is scattered throughout the planet. Here are some of them in Russia.

High-rises in Russia and in the world

moscow siti

Russia has always participated in high-rise construction, starting with the spire of the Peter and Paul
fortress and continued in Soviet times with a dream of the Palace of Soviets, surrounded by skyscrapers. The dream remained a dream, but seven high-rise buildings fit very nicely into the face of Moscow.
Modern construction has given us the Moscow City area. Yes, it's impressive, and the non-Russian spot still rises above the city on the beloved city. Time will pass - it will be a mark, even if not like the Kremlin, but still our answer to foreign countries. Good or bad, but of the 10 tallest skyscrapers in Europe - 7 were built with us.

Skyscrapers as a necessity

Initially, the need to build a watchtower, fire tower is generally undeniable - the higher the better. The construction of high temples and bell towers is also quite understandable. Beauty and grandeur should arouse in the believer joy and desire for spiritual heights. The competition in the construction of television towers is also caused by the need to master the mentality of the electorate, the higher the television tower - the wider the influence of television.
At the intersection of gigantic financial flows, land becomes very expensive, so the greed of developers drives buildings of all purposes up into the sky. The desire to remove a large crop from a small land becomes a breeding ground for the fantasies of architects of unique and ordinary construction.

Hong Kong panorama

In crowded cities such as Hong Kong or Shanghai, the construction of profitable 40-50 storey business centers and residential buildings has long been mastered. The futuristic mood of architects threatens us with the construction of even higher cities.
In their midst roaming projects turn cities from horizontal to vertical. In the skyscrapers of the future will be all that is now in the cities. Parks, artificial ponds, tennis courts boutiques and pools. The vertical metro (pneumatic or with magnets) will solve the problem of elevators that is still unsolvable for buildings of more than 50 floors.
One of the options for a residential skyscraper offers to hang apartment modules on a rigid frame. Get rich or vice versa, you can hang another apartment in the same place. But most likely high-rise construction, a thing undoubtedly expensive, will lead to some combination of a business center and a capsule hotel, where office plankton will accumulate strength below the floor from its workplace.

Skyscrapers as a demonstration of power and beauty

The desire to build buildings above others has always been prestigious. Participation in this competition by states is necessary to show the development of technology, engineering and economic strength. Although this did not always delight the population. After the construction of the Eiffel Tower, for a long time it was a place to test the wit of critics, but now it is a symbol of Paris. The situation is similar with the Arab tower in Dubai. The demonstration of financial power made the rest of the buildings pull up.

Lakhta Center

We never lagged behind in this prestigious race. The construction of the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg is still perceived as the middle finger of competitors from a state-owned company. The wealth and power of this "public heritage" at the same time shows the middle finger to the citizens of the country that are not grasped by the privileges of Gazprom. Maybe with time this building will happen the same as with the Eiffel Tower - it will become, though not the Winter Palace, but at least a marker for new construction.

Do we need it?

In skyscrapers, cities of the future, it is proposed to recreate any environment. Climbed a couple of floors above - mountain air, frost and the sun of Elbrus, not a dozen floors below - a concentrated smell of taiga, virtual mosquitoes and fishing. Wild people finally near the interactive super-TVs.

Russia prostor

Have you ever been near a skyscraper or could want to look at the starry sky? And the fire or running water? Of course, progress cannot be stopped, but do we need many skyscraper cities with our open spaces? It is clear that it is convenient to drive the entire government into one building, the efficiency of management will grow, and elevators with flashing lights will not annoy citizens. However, there is no desire to live in a capsule apartment and artificial environment all my life. Maybe next generations will be different. And now - enjoy what you have.

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