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Capital Gate - contrary to gravity

Capital Gate1

The gates of the capital is the name of the Capital Gate tower, as it is the first to be seen from afar from the Persian Gulf to the city of Abu Dhabi.

To build a building in Abu Dhab, you need to make a unique project for an architectural company so that this building is unique not due to its height, but due to its design and world innovations in its architectural concept. The architectural bureau RMJM London decided to make a unique building in tune with nature, rising from the sand to 160 meters like a deserted whirlwind, all twisted and with a large slope.

For the foundations to withstand the frame of the building, it was necessary to make a core, on which the volumetric structure of the building was subsequently hung. It was decided to drive 490 piles so that the building could withstand the load. Since the tower frame went almost 33 meters beyond the foundation line so that it did not turn over, on the opposite side of the building's inclination, the piles were hammered to the depth of the rock ground to failure.

The first 12 floors of the building were located on a monolithic slab, and the subsequent floors were, as it were, extended with an increase in the height of the building. The central core of the building was made of reinforced concrete. The core structure consists of a reinforcing cage and metal structures, which are fenced with formwork to shape the core. The mobile formwork was poured by 4 m and, after solidification of the concrete, moved upwards with the help of powerful jacks. The central core was designed so that its tilt was performed in the direction of the tilt of the building. And during the load, the building with metal structures that give a visual slope to the building, the central core came into a strictly vertical position. And reinforced concrete, which would be stretched by the weight of the protruding part of the building, will now be strengthened by compression.

Capital Gate2

To give the core more strength, special wells were left during the pouring with concrete mixture, which pass through five floors and overlap each other. 146 reinforcing elements are laid in these wells, which, after installation, with the help of a tensioning mechanism (pneumatic jacks) pull them with an force equal to approximately the weight of five family cars. After tensioning all the elements, the wells are poured with concrete mixture. This technology allows the core to withstand the load due to the large overhang of the tower.

Now the tower core needs to be loaded using a diagonal grid. This is a gigantic system of steel beams that forms a grid of 720 cruciform sections. Assembling sections requires incredible accuracy so that the loads are evenly distributed. After assembling the diagonal grating, it is necessary to glaze it with triangular glass blocks. In total there are 12.5 thousand of them on the facade of the building.

Capital Gate6

After mounting the metal structures of the building and glazing the facade, the central core of the tower comes, according to the design, into a strictly vertical position. Now you can carry out the installation of elevators, since the elevator shafts are located in the central core of the skyscraper. In the title of the article we wrote "Installation of elevators in spite of gravity", but this is not so. Installation of elevators in Capital Gate usually occurs, as in all skyscrapers, and there are no special features when servicing elevators.

The construction of Capital Gate began in 2007 and was commissioned at the end of 2011.
On the lower floors of the 35-storey building are office premises. The 5-star hotel with 189 luxurious rooms overlooking the Persian Gulf occupies floors 19 to 33. The five-star hotel offers not only classy rooms with excellent interiors and excellent service, but also conference rooms, fitness centers, a panoramic restaurant and an outdoor pool at a height of 100 meters. A special attraction of Capital Gate can be considered a unique conical atrium, which is the natural interior lighting of the building. And a huge helipad completes the skyscraper.

Capital Gate7

Capital Gate in June 2010 was in the Guinness Book of Records, as the building with the largest angle of inclination - 18 degrees.

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