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News about elevators

Briefly about the replacement of elevators in apartment buildings

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When you move up the stairs to the 10th floor during the next breakdown of the elevator, you begin to feel the vital importance of this element of comfort in urban life. And the higher you go, the clearer you understand that it is time to change the elevator.


The decision to replace or repair the elevator may be initiated by a group of dissatisfied homeowners or an accredited equipment service company. After an examination of the condition of the elevator, the volumes are determined, and future work is calculated. Then the general meeting with two-thirds of the votes of the owners decides on the necessary work. The result of the meeting, drawn up by the protocol, is transferred to the Criminal Code and local government for further actions to find financing.

Upgrade or replacement

If the elevator has been used for 25 years or more, according to the technical regulations it must be replaced. Partial equipment upgrades do not resolve the issue of elevator replacement, but, as a less costly temporary measure, can be done.

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In a letter dated January 29, 2018 No. 2695-NS / 06 of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, it was said that if at least one old element remained in the elevator equipment, it was modernized, not replaced, of the elevator. Playing with terms in the reports can lead to the fact that for another 25 years the equipment will not be replaced, and the allocated budget financing will go to other needs.
If the lifespan of the elevator is less than 25 years, both the elevator can be upgraded and replaced. The decision-making procedure is the same.

Sources of financing

Having agreed to repair or replace the elevator, the meeting of owners plans to finance this work. The elevator economy belongs to the common house property and is maintained at the expense of homeowners, including residents of the first floor. However, estimates for equipment and work to replace the elevator are rarely less than a million rubles, therefore, in addition to the owners' funds, there is the possibility of co-financing with the federal capital repair program or the regional program for the accelerated replacement of elevator equipment.

The opportunity to transfer most of the costs to these programs exists, but it is decided by the commission of municipal authorities after an examination of the condition of the house, the lifespan of the elevator and the financial capabilities of the homeowners.

Technical performance

Replacement or modernization of the elevator consists of the following:

  • examination of all equipment and the condition of the mine;
  • preparation of design estimates;
  • dismantling of equipment for replacement;
  • construction works;
  • installation of new equipment, cables and automation elements;
  • commissioning works;
  • Conducting approvals and putting the elevator into operation.

Management organizations are responsible for the safe operation of elevators and may be criminalized for negligence resulting in accidents.

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