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News about elevators

Modern solutions to the problems of high-rise elevators

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In the race for time, the modern horizontal resident of the metropolis has long joined the vertical elevator race. Citizens, living or working high, do not want to wait a long time for the elevator.

Speed ​​issues

The speed of elevators in modern high-rises, with a height above 30 floors, approached 80 km / h, which is higher than that allowed for cars in the city. Climbing up at this speed created two problems for elevator builders.
How exactly do not build the elevator shaft, at such speeds appears horizontal swinging of the cab (vibration). This is physically difficult for passengers, and always being stressed adds fear. In this case, the fight against discomfort is due to the active suspension of the cabin horizontally using the technologies used in modern cars to dampen vibration.

The second most important problem is ear plugging with a rapid change in pressure and noise, like in the subway. To combat noise, similar methods of sealing and soundproofing are used, as well as teardrop-shaped cabs, as in modern trains. To reduce the effect of the pressure drop down the elevator is slower and technical solutions are used to compensate for this phenomenon.

Increased passenger flow due to cab design

Moving a large flow of citizens in administrative skyscrapers during rush hour creates similar problems for elevators, as in the subway. In residential buildings, this problem is less, but it also exists.

Solving such troubles due to the increase in the number of elevators is not very interesting for investors, as it reduces the costly floor space. There are currently design methods to combat this scourge:

  • an increase in the area of ​​cabins to almost 10 m2 and lifting capacity of elevators up to 6 tons;
  • two-story cabins (two cabins are mounted on one frame for servicing neighboring floors, double deckers);
  • Two independent cabins in the same shaft, each with its own counterweight and control, equipped with locks from approaching each other (twins).

These measures significantly increase the useful work of elevators without increasing the number of shafts.

Organizational and technical solutions

After the appearance of skyscrapers above 30 floors, the most common scheme appeared, which became a classic. Usually on the ground floor there are several lifts landing that serve different groups of floors, those floors that they do not serve, they slip through without stopping. For a passenger, the main thing is to get into the right elevator, and he will quickly lift you to the desired place. However, with an increase in the number of storeys above 50, the number of elevators grows and becomes economically unacceptable.

To solve this problem, they simply pointed the previous scheme at each other several times vertically. The ground floor analogs (interchange nodes) were called the "sky lobby" and launched independent non-stop elevators (shuttles) between them. The number of mines has grown slightly, but the problem has yet to be resolved.
The growth of cities up is a continuous process and problems with elevators will appear yet.

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