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The interaction of the passenger and the ADF in an emergency in the elevator

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The interaction of the passenger and the ADF in an emergency in the elevator
An everyday life situation, the elevator car hovered between floors, but there is light and there are no other security threats. The cab's reaction to pressing the movement buttons does not cause. What are your next steps?

Passenger in the elevator car in case of an accident

Without panic, by pressing the dispatcher's call button, report the incident to the duty officer on the ADS console. Clearly describe the problem and indicate the address where the event occurred. Make sure that you are correctly understood and calmly wait for the arrival of specialists.
If the call button does not work, on the information panel next to the control buttons there is always a list of actions and contacts that you must resort to in an emergency. If it is not possible to contact the dispatcher themselves, it is necessary to attract the attention of residents and ask them to report the incident to the dispatch service.

ADF action

Government Decision No. 416 in clause 13 requires the dispatcher to respond to the message within 5 minutes or to contact the source of information within no more than 10 minutes if the call is missed. Dispatch service is obliged to receive messages 24 hours a day daily.
In accordance with this decision, the dispatcher has 5 minutes to analyze the incident and make a decision on connecting various services. If necessary, experts of the Ministry of Emergencies or the Ministry of Internal Affairs can be involved. If there are passengers in the elevator car, the rescue team of trained workers must arrive at the place within a time not exceeding 20 minutes from receiving the signal about the accident.
After arriving at the incident, an experienced and qualified staff determines on the spot how to free people and, observing safety requirements, releases them. Government Decision No. 743 governs the skill level of emergency personnel.

The regulatory framework governing the work of the ADF

The organization of the dispatch service to ensure the safe operation of elevators by the authorities is focused on constant attention.
Organization requirements are set out in a number of documents, among which the main ones:

  • Government Decisions No. 743, No. 416
  • Technical regulations of the TS "Safety of elevators" (ПП №491)
  • Dispatcher's professional standard (Order of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation No. 1120n).

The sum of the required knowledge and skills set forth in these documents implies a high level of training of specialists and organization of all services, which excludes random people from getting not only key positions, but also ordinary employees.

Phones of elevator emergency services of the MiTOL group of companies in Moscow and the Moscow region.

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