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Elevator manufacturing in China

Skyscrapers Shanghai China

In recent years, China has become the main economy of the world, the population of China is also huge, and there are few densely populated territories. Definitely need to be built up, and in large quantities. What about the elevators?

World dinosaurs of the industry, placing their production in China

At the dawn of the Chinese perestroika, they managed to catch the leaders of world industry in the opportunity to receive super-profits from the location of production in China. Skillfully creating the illusion that China has become, as it were, a modern colony of transnational corporations, the Chinese have received investments not so much monetary as technological and innovative.

The oldest global elevator brands have their full-cycle production in China:

  • Otis,
  • Kone,
  • ThyssenKrupp Elevator.

For example, the factory of the German company ThyssenKrupp AG in Guangdong province is equipped with one of the largest test elevator towers with a height of 248 meters. This plant will produce lifts of the future, without cables (MULTI), on magnetic cushions with moving cabs both vertically and horizontally already in 2020.

Strict control, state-of-the-art equipment, technologies and unique developments of the leading developers in the world made it possible to create in China for 30 years its own school of elevator designers and designers. The production culture and high-quality local equipment have grown so much that it made it possible to create an industry from scratch.

Chinese elevator manufacturers

The Chinese ability to quickly learn and dramatically scale successful solutions (the advantage of central planning) brought their elevator builder companies to the elevator market:

  • KOYO Elevator Co,
  • TAISHAN (Shanghai Guotai Elevator Co Ltd.),
  • UG Elevator,
  • SJEC Corporation.

A wide range of equipment for elevators based on German technology and famous for security systems is manufactured under the Kouo brand. CANNY, in addition to elevators, manufactures escalators, travelators and accessories for them. SJEC Corporation is also known for its advanced developments in cab design.
All these companies have a full production cycle for elevators, large production capacities for the production of a variety of types of elevators. They have seriously supplanted traditional Japanese and Korean manufacturers in the Asian markets and are actively entering the world.

Elevator Recommendations

The choice of the Chinese elevator economy from the point of view of the consumer in the Russian Federation comes down to finding a solid Russian company - a dealer of well-known Chinese brands. This will remove the issues of service, spare parts, and the reliability, quality and comfort in them fully corresponds to modern world requirements at a significantly low price. Successes.

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