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Freight Elevators - An Overview

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When planning the construction of a commercial or industrial premises in several floors, you should think about moving goods between floors. Efficiency of work, labor productivity, comfort and safety in them will depend on the speed of cargo lifting to the floor and descent to the desired level, ease of management and safe operation of freight elevators.

Features of freight elevators

GOST R 53771-2010 (ISO 4190-2: 2001) divides freight elevators into categories A and B in terms of usable area to maximum load capacity. The lifting capacity of elevators A reaches 5 tons, the lifting speed is up to 1 m / s. Category B elevators rise at speeds up to 2.5 m / s.

The purpose of the freight elevator is fundamental to determine its design and characteristics. On this basis, they are:

  • freight, accompanied by a lifter;
  • freight and passenger;
  • freight, not allowing escort.

The first two types are not much different from ordinary elevators, except for the lifting capacity and increased usable area. Purely freight elevators do not have a keypad inside the cab and there are no catchers. Such lifts do not need to be registered with Rostekhnadzor.
The drive of high-lift freight elevators for lifting to a small height is mainly hydraulic, and for high heights and low weight (up to several hundred kilograms) - electric.

At the location of the elevator relative to the building, they can be internal and external. Changing the purpose of the building often leads to the inability to install the elevator inside or this space is very expensive. In this case, the outdoor elevators are quite a reasonable solution. They can be installed anywhere on the perimeter of the structure, look stylish and modern, transport company employees and cargo.

Freight Elevator Structures

In addition to various combinations of transporting people and goods, the elevator designs of which contain the necessary human security systems, there are other lifts.

Scissor lifts

A hydraulic platform with a lifting capacity of up to 6 tons with scissor-type levers rises to a height of 8 m. Hydraulic cylinders provide upward movement. The platform descends smoothly under gravity, as the oil returns to the hydraulic system. Remote control wireless or remote control at the installation site of the elevator. The platform perimeter is equipped with sensors that monitor any distortions and obstacles to movement and block movement.

Mast lifts

They are racks along which the platform moves at an angle or vertically to a height of 16 meters. Installation of the lift is possible inside and outside the building. This design is used in many small freight elevators with a lifting capacity of 50 kg or more. They are cheap due to ease of installation and lack of a mine.

Mine elevators

The platform moves inside the metal frame, the engine room in modern elevators can be absent or located either above or below. Most valuable, in this design there is no limit on the height of the load.
The user who has decided to purchase a freight elevator needs to clearly know the tasks for him and have the necessary budget. Specialists will select from a huge variety that they will mount and coordinate what is needed in the manner specified by law.

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