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News about elevators

Installation of elevators. Car lifts


Car lifts in mass use began to appear with the growth of cities up and with the need to save parking space. The ability to have your car next to or under a multi-story building in a metropolis is a huge convenience in life.

Basic requirements for car lifts

The organization of traffic flows in interchange hubs of megalopolises, at shopping centers and public buildings, involves the presence of multi-level parking lots, a common attribute of which is a car elevator.

Carrying capacity

She is the first requirement for such lifts. Cars are expensive and can be dangerous, so the safety margin of the elevator should ensure the safety of property and the safety of users. The capacity of a car elevator can not be less than 2 tons and, taking into account the representative class, up to 6 tons.

Cabin Width and Size

The standard size of the cabin is 3x6x2.3 meters, but at the request of the customer they can be made in other dimensions. The cabin may be without a door, but if the elevator is shaft-mounted, the shaft door is automatically moved apart upon arrival at the desired tier. Moreover, in most elevators, the cabin is made through the passage, so that the car entered on one side and left on the other. In this case, the machine does not reverse, which is much safer.

Reliability of car lifts

Elevators are powered by electric and hydraulic drives. Electric drives using AC or DC motors are used less often, since the height of car lifts is rarely higher than 4 floors.
The hydraulic drive works more smoothly, the stop accuracy is higher. For cars with small wheel diameters and low ground clearance, the stopping accuracy protects the car, and in the absence of sudden jolts, the elevator design works longer and more reliably.
In any case, for uninterrupted operation, it is desirable to reserve power.

Design Features

When equipping the cab with an open platform for the possibility of exit on the other hand, some designs can rotate around its axis. In such cabs, only cars without a driver move according to our legislation.

To ensure safety, multi-tier parking lots are equipped with traffic lights and sensors to avoid collision of cars. The most radical solution is the installation of two elevators to separate the flows, one serving incoming, the other leaving users.
Driving a car elevator should be clear and convenient. It happens:

  • internal, from the elevator car;
  • outdoor, key fob or card;
  • mixed, if there is a panel inside the cab and remote control.

Large parking lots are often staffed by a carrier that manages the elevator and monitors the condition of the equipment.
The modern car elevator is comfortable, safe, combines profitability and environmental friendliness. Their mines and equipment can be installed in new and old buildings without straining the structure, they are mounted simply and quickly. Installing a car elevator is a smart solution.

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