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Pneumatic lift. Advantages and disadvantages

pneumatik lift

The desire of people to live separately leads to an increase in the construction of houses for families without neighbors. However, the desire to receive comfort, of which the elevator is a part, remains and is successfully realized with the help of pneumatic elevators.

Principle and Design

The force lifting the vacuum elevator car is the pressure difference below and above the car. The vacuum pump reduces the pressure in the upper part of the shaft of the shaft and the cab moves up, the faster, the greater the difference. The valve system lets air into the top of the pipe, the capsule slows down, and when the pressure difference becomes zero, it drops slowly under its own weight.

Structurally, the elevator consists of the following parts:

  • Glass or polycarbonate pipe made up of easy-to-close sealed sections, with sealed doors and a metal tip.
  • The cabin of the pneumatic elevator, consisting of a steel capsule sheathed with hermetically transparent plastic, with hermetic doors and mounted on the roof of pressure, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • A vacuum pump with a set of valves and control systems for them is most often located on the lid of the carrier pipe, but sometimes separately, in the technical room in the attic.
  • Security and control system (a set of depressurization sensors, stops between floors, brake system, remote control, etc.).


The main disadvantage of vacuum elevators is related to our climate. Manufacturers produce these elevators for installation both outdoors and indoors, but with us, outside the house, it will not last long. The joints of glass or plastic pipes of the mine, as you do not seal, will still bleed air after a harsh winter.
Other restrictions: low lifting capacity, low lifting height, not high lifting speed mean only that these elevators are designed to transport people in buildings with low floors and low flow.


The positive qualities of vacuum elevators for indoor installation in low buildings are undeniable:

  • Simplicity of design, with few components makes the installation process quick and easy.
  • The mounted shaft is load-bearing and practically does not load the structure of the house.
  • Driving medium for moving the cabin air, the density of which is regulated by a vacuum pump. Ecological purity of the process is ensured.
  • Equipping security systems, the level of which can be selected, eliminates the occurrence of emergency situations even with a power outage. The compressed air receiver gently lowers the capsule and opens the door.
  • Remounting to a new location, ease and low cost of maintenance make installation of the elevator a cost-effective acquisition.
  • Modern design at the request of the user, ease of management in the concept of "smart home" will please the owners even more.


Design solutions for pneumatic lifts can emphasize the aesthetic taste of the homeowner, and affordable functionality can solve problems with improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and the elderly. Prices are quite affordable, serious elevator companies will always offer acceptable solutions and will take up installation of the elevator and maintenance of the elevator.

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