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News about elevators

Inclined elevators and elevators

naklonniye liftiy

Cross-country construction of new buildings or modernization of historic structures may encounter difficulties transporting people between different levels of residence in height. Inclined elevator and elevator is quite a reasonable solution instead of the funicular and cable car where vertical elevation is not possible.

Purpose and design of inclined elevators

Inclined elevators are structurally composed of the same units as ordinary ones, which greatly simplifies installation, repair and maintenance. Their distinctive feature is the angle of deviation of movement from the horizontal of less than 90 degrees in straight sections of the path.

Most inclined elevators can be installed outside and inside structures. Lifts located outside buildings use more often without a gear electric drive on permanent magnet synchronous motors. The absence of hydraulics and a gearbox with oil makes the elevator silent and environmentally friendly.

Main characteristics:

  • Rise angle to 85 degrees.
  • Movement speed less than 1.6 m / s.
  • Payload up to 2000 kg.

The shaft and without shaft version of inclined elevators allows you to equip them with panoramic passage cabins, with any existing security and control systems at the request of the customer.
The variety of species and the inexpensive price makes them a good opportunity not only to provide comfortable accommodation for older people and people with disabilities, but also to equip places of mountain and sea resorts with beautiful views and easy travel.

Inclined lifts for the elderly and disabled

naklonniye liftiy invalid

Another option for inclined elevator equipment, which is useful for elderly and inactive people, is an inclined elevator. It is a platform for moving a wheelchair or chair along the rails parallel to the stairs.
To move the platform, a rack-and-pinion drive with the possibility of autonomous battery power is used. Powerful enough metal racks for guides fasten to a wall and to a floor that reliably provides safe movement.

Advanced models of inclined lifts have the following qualities:

  • They are able to overcome turns and change the inclination of stairs.
  • Rising to the 5th floor, they can make intermediate stops.
  • Automatically fold if necessary.
  • Computer control monitors traffic safety, charging the power battery and timely transition to autonomous power.

Installation of such a lift is an excellent solution for organizing without a barrier environment in 5-story houses without an elevator. Their cost is not great, and the convenience for the disabled and the elderly is wonderful.
A reputable organization that has been operating in the service market for a long time will be happy to fulfill an order for the design, installation and commissioning as soon as possible. She also organizes testing and verification to obtain permits and will provide maintenance during operation.

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