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Installation of elevators. Panoramic elevators

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At least half of homeowners are motivated to install a panoramic elevator with their aesthetic tastes and desire to stand out. The rest add to this understandable interest the comfort and amenities provided by this type of ski lifts. However, enterprising people derive a substantial share of the profit from their acquisition.

Commercial use of elevators

The cost of a panoramic elevator is more expensive than usual due to the following expense items:

  • Glass walls of a cabin, shaft and door are more expensive than in passenger lifts.
  • Installation of glass structures is always more complicated and more expensive.
  • The weight of the equipment is much heavier and requires the installation of a powerful drive with comparable load capacity with a standard elevator.

However, in places for profit, the installation of such equipment is more than justified in the following cases:

  • At sea and mountain resorts, where landscape behind glass (panorama) is the basis of business.
  • In shopping centers, where through the glass caress the names of boutiques, cafes and restaurants.
  • Successful placement of graceful designs of panoramic elevators on old buildings makes you want to visit them.

A necessary condition for business success in such places is the number of visits by potential buyers, customers and partners. A significant role in organizing the flow of visitors is played by panoramic elevators.

Features and Specifications

The main objective of this equipment is to provide a wide panorama of the view of the surrounding species, so the more glass, the better. The viewing angle can be any, ideally circular, which motivates designers to a variety of shapes, colors and decoration materials of elevator cabs.
The powerful welded structure of the mine is mounted behind the cabin and carefully masked with mirrors or other decorations of the choice of the customer and designer. For buildings on three floors, the drive is often hydraulic, it makes less noise and is smoother. For resort areas and on the outside of high-rise buildings, the electric elevator is gearless, reliable and environmentally friendly (there is no hydraulic system with oil).
Smooth emergency descent of the cabs is provided in the hydraulic drive by a slow return of oil to the tank, and in elevators with electric drive, when the main power is disconnected, a backup from the battery is provided. The equipment is placed more often at the top of the structure, but by order it can be any or no machine room at all.

The characteristics of most elevators fit into the following parameters:

  • Carrying capacity from 250 kg to 2500 kg.
  • Movement speed less than 2.5 m / s.
  • The cabin accommodates 4 to 10 people.

Individual projects allow a carrying capacity of up to 3000 kg and survey cabins with a capacity of more than 20 people.
Like standard lifts, there are speed limiters, catchers, motion and door closure sensors, and a host of other options included in the safety and control system. Of the features - the use of shockproof glass and its special fastening in the grooves of the frame.
A panoramic elevator for your own home is prestige and comfort, and for a commercial building, a generator of part of the profit.

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