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News about elevators

Features of elevators in office centers

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The concentration of interests of large corporations closer to decision centers encourages the construction of head offices in capitals and large cities, and the cost of land there drives buildings up. Caring for the outside of the business forces us to purchase the best quality elevator equipment with individual features and reliable service.

The specifics of lifts in business centers

The functioning of high-rise office centers is impossible without the reliable and efficient operation of elevators. They must cope with the following tasks:

  • At rush hours, in the morning, quickly disperse employees into floors, in the evening, without long expectations, lower them to the first floor.
  • Using a controlled elevator access system, ensure metering and security in the office building.
  • A solid and modern looking elevator, with clever organization of transportation, creates the image of a dynamic and prosperous corporation.

Organization of delivery to the workplace

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The technical capabilities of unloading passenger traffic during peaks in elevators are constantly being improved. Recently, double elevator cabins (double deckers) have appeared, the operation of two cabins in one shaft (twin) and the speed of movement reaches 16 m / s. However, the most popular organizational schemes are two flow control systems.
The classic scheme involves the maintenance of a single cabin part of the floors. The floors that it does not service, the cabin slips non-stop. As a result, the speed of delivery to the desired office increases. Efficiency and energy savings increase by reducing downtime.
A continuation of the classics is the control system for the high-speed delivery of passengers to transfer platforms (Sky Lobby). The user is delivered by a high-speed elevator non-stop to the site, from where he gets to the desired office or next transfer by another elevator. Various combinations of both control schemes are used in high-rise towers of business centers.

Access for guests and visitors

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Control over the elevator management allows the administration to determine the access rights of guests and office center employees. The guest, having received a temporary access card at registration, applies it to the reader in the cabin and gets to the desired floor. Such opportunities simultaneously solve the following problems:

  • Connect the security service on time.
  • Keep records of employees' working hours.
  • Have an automated base of visitors and workers.

Meet by clothes

The office center begins with the entrance and the elevator is its important element. The solid appearance of the elevator portal, successfully fitting into the interior of the hall, as well as the modern decoration of it and the cabin, inspire the visitor with respect for the organization located in the business center.
Convenience of use, the saturation of the cabin with various technical innovations from the well-known elevator brand also contribute a lot to the positive image of the business center.

High-quality installation and reliable operation of such elevator equipment requires timely preventive repair and regular maintenance from a reliable service company.

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