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Installation of elevators in Africa

About elephants and elevators.

Today let's talk about Africa. When people talk about Africa, usually mention the pyramids, elephants, lions and tourists. And now, when we have just done, we can talk about the elevators.
Mitol already told readers about the "theory of the lift", according to which the tomb in the pyramid of Pharaoh "Khufu" - another huge one-time lift, which may have been the first elevator in the world in general. But so far this is only a guess. And this way, not only the Egyptian theory related to passenger and freight elevators.

Installation of elevators. Theories and probability

Shema stroitelstva piramid

There is an assumption that the slope of freight elevators used for the construction of giant pyramids near Lake Moeris in Egypt. Lifts these, however, as the pyramids themselves to our time have not survived. However, we can say for sure. What assembling it was carried out for the construction of the lower tier of the Alexandria lighthouse: in the central part of the foundation, archaeologists found the elevator shaft. The second and third tiers of the buildings were constructed through a complex system of pulleys and ropes. Interestingly, the mention of ropes and winches that were used when making installation of elevators, preserved in the ancient papyrus documents, up to the area where they were made: on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Similar designs using blocks, winches and freight elevators, and used in the construction of the already mentioned pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu. There is even a suggestion that small boulders lifted to a height of 90 meters of freight elevator, who worked on the static electricity.

Installation of elevators, exhibits


In Cairo tourists always makes a good impression, both in terms of service and in terms of the cultural program. Call it a poor town language does not turn. As long as the owner of this language does not look into the poor neighborhoods of the city. Here you can see poverty in all ugliness, rags and hunger and, oddly enough, the true history of the lift division.

Egipet lift

In our time, the old elevators can be found either in the places where the story try to preserve, or where he would be happy to forget it, but the money for it is not banal. The second group are the old quarters of Cairo, more reminiscent of a museum in which the exhibits are passenger elevators of different eras.

Egipet lift2

The old elevator cars are decorated with wrought-iron grilles. In some homes richer, where there is some kind of a butler, who runs the elevator, you should knock on the steel lattice mine. Many elevators are covered with wooden linings, some are decorated with carved and inlaid with sea stones. The oldest elevators have long served their own and do not rise, and only occasionally pleasing to the eye casual visitors.

Installation of elevators in the hotel "Windsor"

Hotel Windsor

"In our hotel, you can take the elevator, the door is not always open their doors on the first try, but when you travel a loud squeak." If you think that this is the most useless in the world of advertising the hotel, you are deeply mistaken. The hotel "Windsor", located almost in the center of Cairo made a creaking passenger lifts one of his major pieces. How did he do it?

Most Egyptian hotels - and some of them have more than one hundred years - trying to somehow modernize, to get a marble plates, shackle themselves in granite slabs to heighten the weight, while maintaining the flavor of the past centuries. When you enter this hotel, you are bound to step on the luxury Persian carpets, which very often paved with the floor, and assembling these hotels bought the world's best companies. The "Windsor" all is not so.

Hotel Windsor1

The hotel "Windsor", built in the 19th century, now looks like the hotel mid-20th century. The walls of the lobby are decorated with posters of the time, "SAR" and "Pan American". The hotel bar is lined with antique chairs, pressed through from the time of his desk overwritten thousand cubits. Air conditioning in the hotel all to a man, and the creak noisily sucked the air.

Hotel Windsor2Going up to the foot of massive marble stairs and causing a passenger elevator, you'll hear the sound that the first time is able to scare and force prefer to walk the stairs to the elevator trip - a strong growing rumble. If it does not frighten you, do not hurry to relax - to be followed by a deafening clang and only then forged iron gratings disperse, revealing the interior of the cab in front of you, which is also made of cast iron.

Installation of lifts at the Windsor made in the mid-20th century, was made by skilled craftsmen, who, however, were much less skilled engineers. A cage, cast iron walls of which are decorated with carved ornaments, rises in spurts, and the passengers clearly feel it subtly sways from side to side. You would risk a ride on such a miracle of technology?

In fact, there is nothing to fear. Gul, creaking and even swinging iron cabins - a long-only item of its kind show. The mechanism driving passenger elevators, modern and swinging is due to a special technique. The noise and clang of the elevator car at a stop artificially, for the entourage. Installation of elevators, or rather, the reconstruction was done with the latest technology. The fact that the lifts will fall, you should not worry - braking system a la Otis they are provided.