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Installation of elevators in questions and answers

Questions and answers readers MiTOL

In anticipation of the summer, or rather no reason at all, mitol decided to publish the answers to the most common questions about Internet users lifts, about elevator installation and maintenance of elevators. Questions that are soon to convince the reader, there are sometimes very funny, the authors searched for at various sites.

Let's go!

Because of what the passenger elevators stop?

Lift mash

In Russia, the reasons for stopping the elevator can be a set from a fault in the engine or electrical systems to elemental vandalism or overheating due to the heat. The latter often happens with old passenger lifts. In modern elevators mitol way, special devices installed thermal protection mechanisms protecting passenger lift from burnout.
Practice shows that timely, planned, and most importantly - regular maintenance of elevators, which in particular are provided by mitol, thus reducing the likelihood of sudden engine failure the elevator almost to zero. A timely and coordinated work of the emergency services and elevator mechanics allow to eliminate any malfunction in a matter of hours.

How old are passenger elevators?


On average, a standard service life of a standard passenger lift is about 25 years. After this period, lift emergency services are required to annually check the elevator for faults and wear. Check very carefully: check all nodes, gears and cables, all the electronics.
Professional maintenance of lifts mitol often compared the old elevator with an old used car model year - sometimes found parts harder than replacing itself lift.

What to do when stuck in an elevator?

Lift zastryal

If the elevator car, in which you are traveling, suddenly stopped and now a couple of minutes in any does not move, try to start to click on any button floor - perhaps just zalipla your button. If the elevator and then no signs of life, and a call button controller, if any, does not produce the desired effect, call the dispatcher service by phone, which is desirable to know in advance and save.
Explain the dispatcher exactly where you are and what happened. Elevator emergency services typically arrive within half an hour.

How to get out of a stuck elevator?

Lift zastryal3

Doing this is not recommended! No one but experts can not say for sure why the elevator stopped, and how to behave in the next moment after the unauthorized stop. Opening the door of the elevator is also not lead to anything good - can not only ruin the equipment, but also to receive significant injuries (including from tenants).

What if the cable breaks off and falls into the pit stall?

Lift zastryal2

That will not happen! Modern elevators that sets the company mitol, equipped with at least three thick metal cables, which are evenly distributed the entire load. The design of this ability to lift into the air hippopotamus. To cut these wires, it is necessary to have at least the Jedi lightsaber.

history elevatorWell, if the cable breaks off after all?

If noble Obi-Wan Kenobi yet casually cut the lightsaber, all three of the three cables, the elevator car still will not fall. Passengers will feel a short, painless jerk and then a loud metallic sound - so work the braking device which firmly fix the elevator in the shaft and will last until the arrival of elevator emergency services, even if they are delayed in traffic for a week.
Emergency braking system used in all modern elevator was, incidentally, designed by the legendary Elisha Otis. About a century ago, this genius has presented the new system a very original way: a rose hanging on plain thick rope from the ceiling a huge greasy elevator and asked to cut the rope. The braking device went off as expected: not having to fall on Otis, cab stopped.

Installation of elevators. Interactive

Lift steklo

Of course, all of the huge amount of questions asked by users of the Internet, we will respond only to those who seemed to be the most useful. However, wandering around the World Wide Web, we came across a lot of questions about the passenger elevator that could not ignore, thinking that they are worthy of a separate top.

So the top-four entertaining questions about the elevators.

1 - How best to go into the elevator with a stroller?

The issue date for a number of moms. Bad will not advise - in the rules of use elevator indicated that the entrance to the cabin is possible only if your small child sitting on your hands.

2 - Why did the United States do not have an elevator 13 floors?

In fact, there is. 13 floors are not in Canada, where people are not like the superstitious Americans. Details about this can be read elevators superstition mitol site.

3 - Why in the elevator no toilet paper?

We believe, for the same reason that the toilet is not the control panel by clicking on which you can get to another floor.

4 - The lift is different from the male-female elevator?

Comments varying degrees of humor can come up with a lot, but we will leave this task to you, dear readers.

Sincerely, mitol!