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Installation of elevators. Thyssenkrupp magnetic lift

Installation of elevators. German company Thyssenkrupp has developed a magnetic lift

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The German industrial concern Thyssenkrupp has developed a new transport system for buildings. These are "magnetic lifts" that do not need cables or wires, and they will be moved by the strength of the electromagnetic field. This will allow the elevator cabs to move not only vertically, but also horizontally.

In office buildings, where a large number of employees work, it takes a long time. Endless stops on the floors and queue until the elevator comes to the right direction (down or up) is very tiresome. The company Thyssenkrupp decided to facilitate the solution of transport problems in skyscrapers.

The invention of the Multi transport system allows the use of several elevators in one shaft and can be easily mixed into any point of the building, both horizontally and vertically.

Since the invention of elevators, since 1854 the principle of their work has not changed much. Of course, speed, comfort and security have changed, but not the concept. That is, the elevators moved only up and down. Introduction of new technologies Multi company Thyssenkrupp will make a big leap in the construction industry. Architects will no longer be tied to "candles" and they will have their hands untied for creative work and putting their fantasies into practice. After all, "magnetic lifts" can mix in any direction and deliver you to the right part of the building easily and quickly.

The very first MULTI will be installed on the new East Side Tower OVG in Berlin. The building adjacent to the Mercedes-Benz Arena and next to the Warschauer Strasse will be a new milestone on the horizon of Berlin. OVG is already known for such cutting-edge projects as The Edge in Amsterdam, known throughout the world for having earned the title of "the most sustainable office building in the world." Saek van Oostrom, CEO of OVG Real Estate, says: "We are absolutely delighted to work with Thyssenkrupp and install the first MULTI in our latest project. The promising, new technology that MULTI brings to our flagship project is ideal for us. "