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Installation of lifts. Fight for speed

Installation of lifts. High-speed elevators

Maintenance of lifts - the champions

Lift speed mini

The powerful engine and strong ropes - that seemed to be all that is needed to create a high-speed passenger elevators. But if this were so, then the lifts in the most impoverished skyscrapers have long would fly to the top floor with the speed of sound. In fact, to make a good high-speed elevator no better than a racing car. And they are, by the way, about the same.

Installation of lifts. Clash of the Titans

Lift speed 1

It seems that the company «Otis Elevator» has long since abandoned rivalry speed elevators with other firms. Unless, of course, will ever participated in it. Now for the right to be called a leader in the field of fighting two Japanese giant «Mitsubishi Electric» and «Toshiba Elevator». These lifts Giants constantly compete in the speed of its elevators. So far, a vast majority leader Toshiba Elevator, created the lifts and follow the installation of elevators in Chinese Taipei 101, which proudly stands in the capital of Taiwan.

Mitol have repeatedly mentioned in their articles of skyscraper Taybey101, but never did not go into detail its characteristics. And they must say, very impressive. Floors in a skyscraper, as you might guess, 101 lifts - 67. Some of them, of course - Lifts and elevators for industrial purposes, which are lift emergency services. But the most interesting two elevators that rise only to 89 floors. Each of them is worth more than two million dollars, and accelerated to 16.8 meters per second. For comparison - the average passenger elevator in a building in Moscow is capable of speeds of 1.6 meters per second. And it is in the best case.

«Mitsubishi Electric» is not the first year threatens to break the record for «Toshiba». Some sources claim that the company has already developed and built an elevator that can be lifted at a speed greater than 18 m / c, however, the building, ready to take the high-speed racing car right has not yet been found. It is fair to say that specializes in the production of high-speed elevators, «Mitsubishi» achieved in this field considerable success. Company established a conveyor lifts production at an average speed of 12 meters per second. Lift maintenance company that conducted around the world, including in Russia.

Installation of lifts. New competitor

Lift speed 2

In the meantime, «Mitsubishi Electric» and «Toshiba Elevator» face off elevators, Hitachi also made a bid for the title of the manufacturer of the fastest passenger lift in the world.
Hitachi representatives stated that the installation of elevators, capable of accelerating to 20 meters per second, will be made in the 111-storey skyscraper Chinese city of Guangzhou. If the project is implemented, visitors will be able to be a skyscraper 95 floor of the building just 3 seconds, and China will become a major, perhaps the center of the competition companies manufacturing passenger elevators.

By the way, Hitachi has held the palm in lifts. In 1968, in a building of Japan was made elevator installation Hitachi, which accelerated to a record at the time of 5 meters per second.

Installation of lifts. Speed ​​Limit.

Lift speed 3

What prevents to establish in each high-rise on the high-speed elevators. Why do residents of apartment buildings in Moscow have to go to your floor at a speed of half a meter per second, if you can get up to 10 times faster? In fact, not so simple.
Imagine: you go into the entrance of his shestnadtsatietazhki, enter the elevator and pressing the top floor shoots up for 3-4 seconds. If you think it will be like teleportation, you are deeply mistaken. Rather, it will resemble a vise: because of the sharp pressure drop, you risk goodbye to the eardrum, smeared in blood stream that gush out of your nose and fight off everything that is possible only after falling from a sharp painful jerk up the cabin. And that's not counting the fact that the guides in the elevator shaft of your home will likely not designed for such loads, and will wear out after a few such "teleportation".

Lift speed 4

Cabs speed elevators specially made streamlined. This helps to reduce the noise level and energy inside. Level in the high-speed elevators usually does not exceed 50 decibels, which is much less than in ordinary lifts skyscrapers.

Lift speed 5

Intelligent electronics elevator car regulates pressure differences, smoothing them that makes the trip very comfortable. Add to this megamoschny engine, brakes and special cables to withstand multi-ton load and heating in the tens of thousands of degrees, and it becomes very clear where did the figure the cost of a high-speed elevator in a skyscraper Taybey101 - $ 2 million.