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Installation of lifts. With the world on a string

Maintenance of elevators in different countries

From time to time mitol tells his readers about the installation of lifts - the most amazing lifts worldwide. Of course, in a short article it is impossible to tell about all the miracle lifts the whole country, so any unusual, interesting, funny elevators just were not included in our past reviews. In this article, we decided to at least partially correct this injustice and to tell you about them.

Installation of elevators in Chinese


Chinese culture has always aspired to greatness forms. Dimensions of temples and dwellings nobles of ancient China surpassed all limits of decency of the then. I must say, with time, little has changed: the country's leadership in all seriousness still poses builders task: to build up.
It is not known what indices Chinese builders will achieve in the future - all developments are held in the strictest confidence and not disclosed - but the modern skyscrapers of this country delight. Delight and passenger lifts installed in them.


Paradoxically, while Russia produces assembling manufactured in China, the people themselves high places in no hurry to install in their homes domestic product. Modern skyscrapers in China produced lift maintenance by «Otis Elevator» and «Toshiba». These eternal rivals more than a dozen years leading the battle for credibility of Chinese consumers.

Wins, I must say, the company «Toshiba», instantly made his name after the installation of elevators in a skyscraper "Taipei 101". These passenger elevators still considered the fastest elevators in the world. From the same sources you can learn that these elevators reach speeds up to 18 m / c, of the other, that they are accelerated right up to 22 m / s. Just do not say, because we will not invent.

Torgovy Gonkong

Chinese international commercial center in Hong Kong - the third tallest building in China, has 188 floors. Of course, the builders and the thought did not have to perform in a skyscraper installation of elevators in China. Special order for 44 elevators to get an American company «Otis Elevator».

Torgovy Gonkong1

In addition, personally for this building engineers «Otis Elevator» produced 41 escalators and 2 VIP lift passengers that the road to the top floor can enjoy a refreshing cold drink and sit on the leather sofas. And for those who value speed above amenities, the building is carried out maintenance of elevators that rise at a speed of 10 km / h.

Assembling in French


A year ago mitol told readers about assembling on the Cote d'Azur and lift the emergency services about Paris. But then we did not say a word about the unusual passenger elevator that is installed in one of the most visited places in the French capital - the Louvre.

On the second floor of the museum can be reached either by a spiral staircase, or else the passenger elevator that is at the center of the spiral. The lift is a column with a "cup" at the top. In the "cup" that can comfortably accommodate up to ten people. Louvre panoramic elevator and climbing it up, visitors can enjoy a very interesting show.

The Louvre was built in 1990 by the French monarch Philip Augustus. Initially, he served as impregnable castle, museum, became only the 15th century. Installation of elevators in the museum in the center of Paris manufactured by «Otis Elevator», and the aforementioned futuristic passenger lift - one of the brilliant development tireless engineers and designers.

Assembling in New Zealand

Sky Tower

Radio Tower in downtown Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, is considered the tallest building of the southern hemisphere of the Earth and has a proud name «Sky Tower», which literally means: Sky Tower.
Travelers who have visited the tower «Sky Tower», called it the city in the city. In addition to the basic functions - radio transmission, the building of the tower serves as a center of entertainment. 11 restaurants, two hotels, 10 bars and even a playground for jumping to the "bungee" are located in the vertical giant. Upstairs are arranged three viewing platforms, which deliver high-speed elevators visitors.

Sky Tower glass-floor

Passenger elevators - a separate chip tower «Sky Tower». More precisely - three of them. They rise and fall every 15 minutes and are able to carry at a time more than two hundred people. In the floor of the lifts - glass windows through which you can see at the rise, as land is removed. Speed ​​elevators - more than 10 km / h and the way to one end only takes 40 seconds. Unforgettable feeling of flight, probably ...