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Passenger elevators

Installation of lifts. Passenger elevators.

Most often in life we ​​have to use the passenger elevators. Both at home and at work, at the mall, hospital, municipal facilities helps us to move quickly lift. We never even thought about how you can live without elevators in modern cities.
Installation of lifts. Passenger elevators. MiTOL
Passenger elevators are the most common and sought after in the market. And of course, they are a priority for the company MiTOL.
We can set you lift any Russian and foreign companies in accordance with the specifications and standards.

All passenger lifts in appearance and performance are divided into elevators for:
  • residential buildings
  • administrative buildings
  • treatment and prevention
  • cottages and farmhouses
In the most optimum time we will make the manufacture, supply and installation, we introduce a lift-up according to your wishes.

All passenger lifts are divided into the following categories:
  • electric or hydraulic
  • top or bottom machine room or without
  • closed or panoramic
  • capacity from 225 to 1000 kg (based on average human weight of 80 kg, with a capacity of 3 to 13)
  • speed elevators, generally from 0.25 to 2 m / s
  • lifting height-lowering
  • by number of stops
  • by way of opening doors (automatic, manual, or combined)
  • by the number of outputs cabin: communicating or not communicating (checkpoints are usually used for hospital elevators in office buildings)
  • Priority car call (for hospital and service elevators)
  • by additional requirements for loads in areas of high seismicity
  • on different ways of mounting
  • by the process control unit (in some hotels still use lifters)
  • design, finishes and management functions of lighting, ventilation, control devices, signs and displays, Interphone, emergency call button, and others.
In any case, we listen to the wishes of the customer and perform the installation of elevators of any complexity, taking into account individual-specific designs.
The company serves mitol passenger lift any design from any manufacturer, Russian or foreign.

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