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Five interesting facts about skyscrapers

New-york morning

Today, high-rise skyscrapers are an integral part of the landscape of each major city. And although most of these buildings do not stand out for anything special, some hide really interesting secrets.

Oldest skyscrapers

mayak faros

Although the term "skyscrapers" is relatively new, and in ancient times it was assumed that the farther into the sky, the better. Built in the 3rd century BC, the lighthouse Faros had a height of 135 meters. In 516 AD er The Chinese, in turn, established a pagoda, which reached 137 meters, and its interior housed more than 1,000 rooms.

Space skyscraper

If a few decades ago someone had mentioned the idea of ​​hanging a skyscraper on an asteroid, he would have taken first place in a lineup to a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, NASA is already planning to direct the asteroids so that they rotate around the Earth. At the same time, a concept has emerged that allows a self-sufficient building to be connected with such asteroids. It will use solar energy and get water directly from the clouds.

Skyscrapers and earthquakes


People have a justifiable fear that an improperly prepared building could roll over or collapse as a result of an earthquake. Until the completion of the construction of the Taipei 101 skyscraper, the place where it was located was absolutely calm, "seismically quiet." The number of small earthquakes tripled during construction, and after it was completed - in 2004 - several cases with a magnitude of 3.5 points were noted at once. But the danger of collapse during hurricanes and earthquakes compensates for the 660 ton ball pendulum, which controls the amplitude of the skyscraper oscillation. The fastest elevators in the world work perfectly in it. The speed of 60.6 km / h allows you to get from 5th floor to 89 in 39 seconds. According to experts, the tower will withstand an earthquake, which can be in this area once every 2500 years.

How long does construction take

dubai burj khalifa

Building a single-family home can take years, and some of them usually remain unfinished. So how much time is needed to build a skyscraper? Burj Khalifa was built in 5 years, the Empire State Building in less than 2 - and this is considered a very good result. But this is nothing compared to the recent feats of the Chinese developer Broad Sustainable Building. Sky City skyscraper with a height of 200 meters is installed in just 19 days, the speed - 3 floors per day! Of course, this would not have been possible if it had not been for the fact that 90% of the building was built in advance at the factory, and the task of the workers at the site was mainly the assembly of prefabricated elements. Mini Sky City is designed to withstand earthquakes with a maximum magnitude of 9 points.

When the end comes

skyscraper 4 km

How high can skyscrapers reach? Engineers responsible for the largest buildings in Dubai say "above the highest mountain". Already today a project has been created for a building with a height of 4 km and a diameter of 6 km. If it was a residential tower, it could accommodate up to 8 million people. Moreover, for its implementation is already quite affordable technology. The problem is that, in addition to legitimacy, the costs will be astronomical and will amount to $ 1.5 trillion!

Terms of use elevator

Before you tell about the rules for safe use of elevators, you need to know what the elevator consists of.

shema liftaThe main constructive of elevators.

All elevators consist of an elevator car, which moves in an elevator shaft along guides. In the engine room, which is usually located on the top floor. It contains:

  • control station;
  • a winch that moves the elevator up and down with cables;
  • safety devices with speed limiter.

The elevator shaft contains: guides for movement of the elevator car, the elevator itself, cable system and counterweights, electrical wiring cables. At the lower level is a pit in which the elevator security system devices are located. These are usually buffers: one for cushioning and an emergency stop for the cabin, and the other for counterweights.

Security system in modern elevators

All elevators today are equipped with everything that is necessary for the convenience and safety of passengers:

  • video cameras outside and inside the elevator car;
  • fire alarm;
  • call button dispatcher with intercom.

How does the emergency elevator service system

You are in the elevator and revealed its malfunction. There are many options here, but in any case you need to call the dispatcher. To do this, press the call button (it looks like a bell or bellun). The signal will go to the elevator control station, and then to the dispatcher in the elevator emergency service.

The dispatcher receives the signal, responds to it and ascertains the cause of the malfunction, where the elevator is located (street, house, staircase, floor). If the elevator is equipped with a video camera, the dispatcher visually assesses the situation, gives passengers instructions on which button to press in order to fix the damage. If it is not possible to fix the fault on its own, it sends an emergency lift service team to the rescue.

Passengers do not panic and wait for the arrival of specialists. Do not attempt to leave the elevator on your own, the crew will come and release you.

Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant began to produce elevators according to new safety standards

zavod KMZ

The capital manufacturer of elevators, PJSC Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, was the first in Russia to receive a certificate of compliance with new safety standards. This was reported in the press service of the department of investment and industrial policy of the capital.

"Moscow manufacturer of elevators, Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, the first in Russia certified products in accordance with the updated GOST, aimed at improving the safety of elevator equipment. Today it is the only elevator production in the Russian Federation that has received the certificate of state standard (GOST) 33984.1-2016. The updated GOST 33984.1-2016 was created in order to maximally combine the safety standards of elevator equipment produced in the Eurasian Economic Union with the European standard EN 81-20: 2014, "the press service reported.

The department explained that the elevators, manufactured in accordance with the new standards, will be equipped with double-sided stoppers, which will allow preventing the excess speed from rising upwards.

"Using a special speed limiter will help prevent uncontrolled movements of the elevator car. Installing an inspection post in the pit will allow the elevator to operate safely with a smaller number of personnel, "explained the department.
According to the head of the investment and industrial policy department, Alexander Prokhorov, the products of the capital's factories are in demand in Moscow and the regions of Russia, including high quality standards and compliance with modern safety requirements.

Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, PJSC annually produces more than 6 thousand elevators, another 10 thousand elevators are maintained by the company's specialists throughout Russia. Elevator equipment of this enterprise is used, including on unique objects in the city: in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, on the memorial on Poklonnaya Hill, in the State Kremlin Palace.

Source: Agency "Moscow"

Installation of elevators. Skyscrapers of Hong Kong

gonkong panorama

Today, Hong Kong is a high-rise building bursting into the sky. The city speaks with its inhabitants in the language of modernism and postmodernism. The architecture of Hong Kong is distinguished by Western style and functionalism. Due to the lack of land in the city, there are very few historical buildings left. Their places are occupied by skyscrapers above 150 meters. The modern diversity of Hong Kong architecture is due to the dynamic development of the city, mixing in it the architectural traditions of the East and the West, as well as economic indicators.

Western architecture came here in 1842, when the island was colonized by the British Empire. And until the Second World War, she peacefully got along with traditional Chinese buildings. It was after the British colonization and the growth of the city began, and with it the height of the buildings in it.

The birth date of Hong Kong skyscrapers can be called 1935. It was then that the building of the Hong Kong Bank was completed. It consisted of 13 floors and reached a height of 70 meters. However, high-rise residential buildings began to be built in Hong Kong only in 1955, when restrictions on the height of residential buildings were first lifted. In 1960, residential buildings already numbered up to 20 floors. For this there was a severe need. Hong Kong suffered from overpopulation - an influx of communist Chinese refugees was constantly entering the city.

The skyscrapers of Hong Kong today are the pearl of architectural development and the triumph of rationalism. Over the past two decades, a large number of residential and commercial skyscrapers have been built here. These modern towers hold the first place in the world in height. According to the latest data, in Hong Kong there are more than seven and a half thousand skyscrapers. By this indicator, he is ahead of even New York. The latest restrictions on the height of buildings in Hong Kong were lifted in 1998, after the closure of Kaitak Airport, located within the city.
Despite the harsh conditions of construction and the constant shortage of space for a growing population, Hong Kong does not forget its traditions. Even in the twenty-first century, the construction here takes into account the ancient science of Feng Shui. For example, Beim Yumin, the architect of the Tower of the Bank of China, had to make changes to his project to fit Feng Shui. Perhaps this makes sense, and ancient science plays its part in the commercial success of Hong Kong.
Consider the three tallest skyscrapers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong International Commerce Center

First place is occupied by the International Commercial Center (International Commerce Center, ICC Tower). This 484 meters high skyscraper has 108 floors, plus another 4 underground floors. It was built in 2010 in the western part of the Kowloon district of Hong Kong. This is the seventh tallest building in Asia and the ninth largest in the world. Compared to the original design, the height of the building was reduced due to the ban on the construction of buildings above the surrounding mountains. Initially, the height of the skyscraper, according to the project was 574 meters, which would exceed the official ban.
The tower was designed by American architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) in partnership with Wong & Ouyang (HK) Ltd.

The top of the tower is a five-star hotel, managed by the firm Ritz-Carlton. This is one of the tallest hotels in the world and is located at an altitude of 425 m. For a rapid advance along a skyscraper, there are 30 high-speed elevators. But besides the installation of elevators, the builders installed 14 transfer-lifts and two VIP-lifts. Construction of the International Commercial Center in Hong Kong began in 2002 and the object was successfully commissioned in 2010.

Hong Kong IFC Two

The second highest is the International Financial Center (Eng. International Finance Center). But this is a complex of buildings consisting of two skyscrapers (One IFC and Two IFC), the IFC Mall and the 40-storey Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

We will consider only the highest building of the complex, Two IFC. This skyscraper with a height of 412 meters is the second in Hong Kong, the 17th in Asia and the 26th tallest building in the world. Construction began in 2000 and was completed in 2003. Designed by Cesar Pelli, the building was built by Asia's largest company, Sun Hung Kai Properties. The building is 412 meters high and has 88 floors with a total area of ​​185,805 m². High-speed passenger elevator service is carried out in four zones by qualified specialists, as there are 62 elevators in the skyscraper. In the skyscraper there are 22 trading floors, 14 floors are occupied by the Hong Kong Financial Department. On the 55th floor there is an exhibition on the history of Hong Kong coins and the Hong Kong Financial Management Library, which are open to the public during office hours.

Tower Two IFC appears in the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2 - The Cradle of Life.
From October to November 2003, the Financial Times, HSBC and Cathay Pacific companies placed an advertisement on the facade of the building with an area of ​​19 thousand m² and a length of 230 meters. The advertisement stretched over 50 floors and made it the largest advertisement ever placed on a skyscraper.

Hong Kong Central-Plaza

The third tallest building is Central Plaza (the English Plaza) - a 78-storey skyscraper in Hong Kong with a height of 374 meters. It is mainly located office space. It is the 24th tallest building in Asia (the tallest building of the continent from 1992 to 1996) and the 31st tallest in the world (in 2015).
Central Plaza building has a triangular prism shape, which ends with a pyramid, topped with a 60 meter antenna.

The architects managed to place the building in a unique way. After all, it is located in front of the Hong Kong Exhibition Center, 180 meters high, next to the governor's administrative building, 176 meters high, on the one hand, and the three-story fire station building, on the other. The tower is clearly visible from the sea and floating above the skyscrapers seems to be 2 times higher.
At the base of the tower is a large pedestrian area with green alleys, fountains and benches for rest. Above the base rise 57 floors of offices, an observation deck for visitors opens up gorgeous views of the sea harbor and port, and five technical floors.

The building plan is formed by two equilateral triangles with cut corners. In the inner triangle are located elevators, stairs and technical equipment, in the outer - offices, viewing platforms. The tower serves 39 high-speed elevators. The facade of the building is lined with mirrored panels of various shades that are interspersed with horizontal stripes on its sides. The long vertical windows of the facade light up at night with multi-colored neon lights that highlight the contours of the building.

The Central Plaza skyscraper, along with Citic Plaza from Guangzhou, is the highest reinforced concrete building in the world.

In Russia, introduced penalties for damage to elevators and escalators

montazh liftov

On March 6, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on administrative responsibility for unsafe elevators and escalators.

A new article has been introduced into the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation on the responsibility of persons responsible for the safety of elevators and escalators.

pdf logo-150x150In accordance with the Federal Law of March 6, 2019 No. 23-ФЗ "On Amendments to the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses".

Violation of the requirements for the organization of safe use and maintenance of elevators, lifting platforms for the disabled, passenger conveyors (moving walkways) and escalators, except for escalators in metro.

1. Violation of the requirements for the organization of the safe use and maintenance of elevators, lifting platforms for disabled people, passenger conveyors (moving walkways) and escalators, with the exception of escalators in metros, except for the cases provided for in part 2 of this article, entails an administrative fine on officials

  • in Amount from 2 to 5 thousand rubles;
  • for legal entities - from 20 to 40 thousand rubles.

2. Violation of safety requirements for elevators, lifting platforms for disabled people, passenger conveyors (moving walkways) and escalators, for elimination of escalators in subways, creating a threat of harm to the life or health of citizens or the occurrence of the accident entails the imposition of an administrative fine:

  • on citizens in the amount of from 3 to 5 thousand rubles;
  • on officials - from 20 thousand to 30 thousand rubles or disqualification for a period of one to one and a half years;
  • for legal entities - from 300 to 350 thousand rubles or administrative suspension of activities for up to ninety days.

The new Federal Law applies to specialists who perform work on the installation, dismantling and maintenance of elevators and escalators, as well as the work of dispatchers.

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