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How often should elevators change in homes?

remont liftov

The National Elevator Union (NLS) proposed to include the replacement of dilapidated elevators in the national project "Housing and urban environment". The NLS proposed the idea of ​​replacing the old lifts with new lifts by including the item "Elevator Maintenance" in the receipts, but this option was not supported by either the Ministry of Construction or the Ministry of Industry and Trade (according to preliminary calculations by the Ministry of Construction, the cost of replacing old elevators in the country will be 150 200 billion rubles).

According to the executive director of the National Elevator Union Peter Kharlamov, the proposal of the DLS means not collecting money from the population, but creating a transparent scheme for paying for the maintenance of the elevator industry. If the replacement of dilapidated elevators is included in the national project, budget money will be allocated to help replace the required number of obsolete lifting mechanisms by 2020. In addition, this will make it possible to outline for the next five years the frequency of repairs to an aging lift park.

"We have no goals to burden the residents. We propose to do this in order to liquidate the arrears of management companies to the organizations servicing elevators, so that this scheme is transparent, approximately the same as with garbage collection. We have no desire to get any additional profit, we just want to get our money. When they go through management companies, not all of the MCs in good faith are calculated with us at the rates that they show to homeowners. For example, if residents pay 35 rubles per square meter for maintaining a house, this amount includes five rubles for maintenance of elevators. Some MCs do not list five rubles, but three, although they report to residents for five. Others don't list anything at all. Without a normal and transparent scheme, we cannot replace 110 thousand elevators, "says Kharlamov.

How many dilapidated elevators in Russia?

According to the National Lift Union (NLS), there are about 440,000 elevators in the housing stock of Russia. Of these, about 110 thousand need to be replaced. If you consider office buildings, medical and educational institutions and industrial enterprises, then the number of elevators that have worked out their resources will be around 130,000. Last year, they replaced 18,000-20,000, but so far there are no exact figures, says Kharlamov.

What is the lifespan of the elevator and how much does it cost to replace it?

The lifespan of the elevator is 25 years. Upon its expiration, the specialists carry out diagnostics, during which they determine how much the elevator meets the safety rules. The examination shows whether it is possible to repair the lifting mechanism or it is time to replace it.
According to estimates of the NLS, 10,000 elevators become obsolete every year in Russia. The cost of replacing and installing each is 2 million rubles.

How to get a replacement lift?

If the elevator regularly fails, you should contact the organization that is engaged in its maintenance, or the management company. Replacing the elevator is possible only after the end of its service life and the decision of the expert committee. If the tenants themselves want to replace the elevator, then they can do it only at their own expense (including on credit).
At their own expense, residents of the house can also replace any parts of the lifting mechanism or carry out its partial repair. To do this, you need to hold a general meeting, and then, if there is a majority of votes, contact the Criminal Code to enter into an agreement with liftovikami to perform the necessary work.

Source: Arguments and Facts

Installation of elevators. TV tower of the world

Telebashni mira

In all cities of the world there are television towers that transmit television signals and radio signals. The higher the tower, the larger the area of ​​coverage. Today we will look at several of the highest television towers in the world.

Lifting mechanisms are required for lifting to such a great height. Installation of elevators is a necessary work during the construction of such structures, and maintenance of elevators requires highly qualified specialists and take into account the individual features of the tower structures. Elevator emergency services are usually always located in the building of a television tower. Usually, this is the duty team of highly qualified specialists in the maintenance and repair of elevators.

Tokio Sky Free

Let's start with the largest television tower in the world and the second construction in height in 2018 after the Burj Khalifa. This Tokyo Sky Tree is Tokyo Sky Free, a huge TV tower in Tokyo in the Sumida area. At the beginning of construction, the tower was called the New Tokyo Tower, but a competition was held, and according to its results in May 2008, the name "Tokyo Sky Tree" was assigned to the TV tower.

The height of the Tokyo Skyree tower is 634 meters, which is approximately twice the height of the Tokyo Tower. The height of the tower "symbolically" means the name of the historical area where modern Tokyo is located. 634, translated from the old-Japanese - "Musashi": 6 (in the old Japanese "mu"), 3 ("sa"), 4 ("si").

The main purpose of the tower signal is for digital television and radio broadcasting, mobile telephony and navigation systems. Also, it is a popular tourist attraction. The TV tower has two observation platforms, a large number of shops and several restaurants, and at the foot of the tower a mini-complex with a large shopping area, an aquarium and a planetarium is built.

The Tokyo Skyree Tower has 29 floors and 3 floors underground. Movement along the tower is carried out by 13 elevators. The maximum speed of elevators is 10 m / s. Used elevators corporation elevator and building systems Toshiba (TELC).

Canton Tower


2) The Guangzhou TV Tower is the second tallest TV tower in the world, built for the 2010 Asian Games by ARUP. Its height is 600 meters. Up to a height of 450 meters, the hyperboloid design of the retina of the Guangzhou TV tower corresponds to the patent of 1899 by the Russian engineer V. G. Shukhov. The shell of the tower is made of steel pipes of large diameter, and it is crowned with a 160-meter steel spire. Guangzhou Tower was built to broadcast television and radio signals. Her second appointment is to review the panorama of Guangzhou and is designed to receive 10,000 tourists per day.

At the heights of the tower there are 4 glazed observation platforms, and at an altitude of 488 meters there is an open observation platform. Rotating restaurants are located at heights of 418 and 428 meters, at the height of 407 meters there is a "VIP-cafe".

The tower has 37 floors and two underground. Movement along the tower is carried out by 6 high-speed elevators.

CN Tower

3) The CN Tower was the tallest freestanding structure in the world from 1976 to 2007. Its height is 553.33 meters, located in the city of Toronto (Canada, Ontario) and is a symbol of this city.

The abbreviation CN was originally deciphered as Canadian National (since the building belonged at that time to the Canadian National Railways state company). However, in 1995, the tower was bought by Canada Lands Company (CLC). Toronto residents wanted to preserve the former name of the television tower, so now the abbreviation CN is officially stands for Canada's National. The building has 147 floors and is served by 9 high-speed elevators.

The CN Tower is the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere.

Ostankino Tower

4) Ostankino TV Tower - a television and broadcasting tower located near the Ostankino television center, near the VDNK metro station in the Ostankino district of Moscow. Its height is 540.1 meters. It was the tallest building in the world, and as of September 2018 - the 10th highest free-standing building.

Today, the Ostankino TV Tower is the tallest building in Europe and Russia, and the second place is occupied by the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg, although it is a building.

The Ostankino Tower has 120 floors and is served by 7 high-speed elevators. More information about the tower can be found on our website in the article Installation of elevators in the Ostankino TV tower.

Oriental Pearl Tower

5) Oriental Pearl Tower - Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the fifth tallest tower in the world and the third tallest in Asia. Its height is 468 meters. This is one of the main attractions of the Pudong district in Shanghai, China.

In the tower at an altitude of 267 meters there is a rotating restaurant. Slightly higher, at a height of 271 meters - a dance floor, a bar and 20 rooms with karaoke. The penthouse with a viewing platform, a conference room and a coffee shop are located at an altitude of 350 meters.

The design of the tower includes 11 spherical elements. The two largest spheres have diameters of 50 m (lower, "Space City") and 45 m (upper, "Space Module"). These spheres are interconnected by three cylindrical columns with a diameter of 9 m each; In the internal space of the columns there are five small areas in which the rooms of the Space Hotel are located.

Fourteen floors of the Oriental Pearl are served by 6 high-speed elevators. Maintenance of elevators is carried out regularly to ensure the safety of movement of visitors and support staff.


6) Milad tower. Borj-e Milad, better known as the Tehran Tower, is a multipurpose tower in Tehran, Iran. It is the sixth tallest tower and the tallest autonomous structure in the world.

The height of the tower with the antenna spire is 435 meters. The skeleton of the tower is a large capsule with 12 floors, the roof of which is located at an altitude of 315 meters. Below are elevators and stairs. The base of the tower is made in the form of a regular octagon, which is typical of classical Persian architecture.

Panoramic rotating restaurant located at an altitude of 276 meters. Above, there are rooms for television, broadcasting, telecommunications, weather stations and traffic management services. The tower building has 6 high-speed elevators for the quick movement of visitors and staff.


7) Menara Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower) communications tower located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Construction of the tower lasted 5 years and its height is 421 meters. "Menara Kuala Lumpur" takes the 7th place among the television towers of the world. The tower has a revolving restaurant that offers a beautiful panoramic view of the whole city. Because of the original lighting tower Menara KL received the unofficial name "Garden of Light".
Every year, in the "Menara Kuala Lumpur" races are held in which participants climb speed up the stairs. The total length of flight of stairs is 2058 steps.

At an altitude of 276 meters above ground level there is a rotating restaurant and a viewing platform with a 360 degree view, and even higher is an open viewing platform (access to them is charged separately). Here is the new attraction SkyBox - a glass cube at the height of the observation deck. Ascent on the high-speed elevator takes 54 seconds. At the foot of the Menara is a small Malaysian Culture Theme Park.

There are 6 floors in the tower, which serve 4 high-speed elevators. There are also three technical basement floors for security systems and tower maintenance. A huge antenna is used for television and radio broadcasts, maintenance of navigation systems and mobile communications.

Installation of elevators and sale from the group of companies MITOL

Baza MiTOL

The elevator is one of the most important inventions made by man; Elevator is an integral component in a person's life today. We can meet elevators in buildings of various types - these can be airports, production halls, offices. We offer services related to the supply, installation and maintenance of different models of elevators. Our experts will appreciate the quality of the equipment, as well as provide all the necessary services with the highest quality possible.

Our company MITOL specializes in the implementation of elevator equipment, as well as components for it. We are ready to offer quality service and exclusively modern products that comply with the principles of comfort and safety. Our company will deliver the goods to the customer when it is convenient, and the installation of products will take a minimum of time. We offer elevator equipment in a large assortment, which allows the client to make the best choice.

montazh liftov1a

We offer different models of elevators, drives, resistors, ropes and other components that will be indispensable if you need to upgrade elevators or perform repairs. For example, using the relay RPU can automate the operation of the elevator. Components that we offer have an optimal price, and the sale of elevators allows you to install a truly high-quality equipment, regardless of the purpose of operation and the type of building.

As you know, elevators can have different designs and different purposes. Passenger elevators are the most popular ones, which should guarantee comfort for passengers' travels, as well as ease of operation. The cost of elevators can be different and is largely determined by the conditions of operation. For example, if we are talking about an elite hotel, then it requires increased comfort, and perhaps a special design that will affect the cost of construction. When choosing a freight elevator, you should pay close attention to the load capacity - after all, the lifting of loads is the main task assigned to this type of equipment.


To choose the right type of elevator, you need to understand these products - and our consultants are ready to help you. We offer different models of elevators, as well as a number of other important advantages:
1) substantial discounts;
2) services for the installation of structures and maintenance of structures of elevators;
3) warranty on all products and work performed.

In a word, if you need good elevators and high-quality installation services, please contact our company MITOL!

Installation of elevators. Toronto

Toronto panorama

Toronto is a huge metropolis, which has more than 2 million inhabitants. The city combines huge skyscrapers, industrial buildings, tall towers and renovated old buildings. In addition to the beautiful Canadian nature, Toronto hockey can offer tourists a huge number of interesting places.

Kasa Loma

Among all the attractions, a special place is reserved for the Castle Casa Loma. It does not have a long history and was built in the early 19th century by Canadian businessman Henry Pellat. The castle was a kind of personification of sulfur Henry's childhood dream. He built his residence in the style of a medieval European castle. Getting on its territory, creates a unique feeling of a fairy tale. The building does not have a certain style in it combines a huge number of different directions. In the middle you can see a luxurious and rich interior. The castle has a huge number of rooms, an elevator, running water, a large library and an observation deck. It is often rented for weddings, banquets, filming.

Toronto Hockeyhalloffame

Toronto is simply impossible to imagine without hockey. Therefore, being in the city, tourists should certainly visit the famous Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. The museum exhibits personal items, awards, equipment, photos of the most outstanding hockey players. This honor was awarded to only 300 players. Also, here is the famous Stanley Cup.

Muzey Ontario

The central and most popular museum of Toronto is the Royal Ontario Museum. The museum exhibits a huge amount of antiquities, stuffed prehistoric animals, ancient Egyptian sarcophagi and other interesting things. On the territory of 40 huge halls you can see the statue of the goddess Sekhmet, medieval vases, the remains of dinosaurs, precious stones.

CN Tower Canada

Another remarkable attraction of the city is one of the tallest television towers in the world, the CN Tower, its height is 553.33 meters. Built in the 70s today, it can offer tourists an observation deck located at an altitude of 351 meters. Equipped with a glass floor, it makes visitors experience extraordinary sensations. You can climb to the top of the stairs or by using the elevator. In addition, the tower houses a glass rotating restaurant, which can host a large number of visitors.

Toronto is a beautiful city with a beautiful and long history. A large number of museums, green parks, interesting buildings annually attracts tourists from all over the world.

Toronto is a city of skyscrapers.

Trump Tower Toronto

One of the multifunctional skyscrapers is the International Hotel and the Trump Tower has a height of 252 meters and is ranked 7th in Toronto and Canada among the tallest buildings. The building houses hotel rooms, apartments, bars, restaurants, and on the roof there is a health club-spa with an area of ​​over 1,670 m² overlooking Lake Ontario. Number of floors: 57 above ground, 2/5 underground. The hotel rooms are equipped with TVs built into the mirrors in the bathrooms, and toilet paper, on each sheet of which is printed the capital T - Trump. 6 high-speed elevators were installed in the building. Elevator maintenance is performed daily by qualified elevator company specialists. In July 2012, two high-warning aircraft warning lights were installed on the roof, and the total height of the building with a spire was 277.1 meters.

First Canadian Place Toronto

The tallest building in Toronto and Canada is considered to be the First Canadian Place - a skyscraper located in downtown Toronto. Its height is 298 m, and it ranks 15th in North America (if you count the height of the spire). Today it houses the main office of Bank of Montreal.
Construction of the building began in 1973 and was commissioned in 1976.

According to the project, white Carrara marble was used on the facing of the Building, which took about 600 tons, but in May 2007, during a strong hurricane, a marble block of 140 kg came off and fell off a 60th floor. Later, the building decoration systems were upgraded and the marble was replaced with glass panels in bronze frames.

36 elevators were installed in the building, of which 29 are two-level. First Canadian Place is one of the few buildings in the world where two-level elevators are used and maintained.


TD Canada Trust Tower is the third tallest building in Toronto. 263 m with a spire. 53 floors. Built according to the design of the architect Bregman + Hamann Architects in 1990.

Canada is a northern country. Both in Toronto, and in Montreal, and other large cities, people are protected from the vagaries of the weather by beautiful indoor galleries or underground passages.

Allen Lambert galleria Toronto

As an example, the Brookfield Place, which connects the TD Canada Tower skyscrapers with the Bay-Wellington Tower, is a huge covered gallery with openwork ceilings and a glass roof. This is the creation of the famous Spanish architect Allen Lambert and the sculptor Santiago Calatrava.

The network of underground and indoor elevated galleries, and Toronto passages (PATH) - the largest in the world. It crosses the entire city center and helps under the roof to get to any place

Installation of elevators. SEGP localized the first domestic production of winches for elevators

The Sarapulsky Electrogenerating Plant (SEGP) in Udmurtia was the first in Russia to complete the 100% localization of the production of domestic gear lift winches by launching the mass production of a worm pair, a key element of the lifting mechanism. Now, worm gears of winches are being bought by manufacturers of elevator equipment abroad, so the opening of a new production is another important step in import substitution for Russian elevator factories.

Lift SEGZ 1

In addition, the purchase and maintenance of domestic components are cheaper than imported counterparts, thereby increasing the availability of such an expensive event as replacing an elevator in an apartment building, said first deputy general director and executive director of AEGZ, Alexey Belyaev.

Lift SEGZ 2- This is a very promising direction. Every year in Russia, about 36 thousand elevators change or are installed in new homes. Our production at the first stage is designed to produce 6.5 thousand worm pairs per year, - said Belyaev.

An investment project to expand the production of elevator equipment at the Sarapulsky electric generating plant was initiated by the Board of Directors of the enterprise and supported by the Industry Development Fund (FRP).

- The project is aimed at import substitution of components for the production of domestic elevators. Its total cost was about 500 million rubles, of which 249 million is a soft loan from the Industry Development Fund. The company purchased high-tech equipment for borrowed funds, which made it possible to expand the production of elevator equipment, "commented Roman Petrutsa, director of the FER.

Having started the production of a worm pair, the Sarapulsky Generating Plant fully localized the production of elevator winches at its enterprise. To achieve this, the Group has been cooperating with large elevator factories since 2004, and first of all mastered the production of electric motors. At present, the plant has already produced about 75 thousand engines for a total amount of more than 1.2 billion rubles.

Lift SEGZ 3- During this period, we mastered our own production gearbox, traction shears, brake pulleys, an electromagnet, and the last product is a worm pair. In addition to the main assemblies from which the winch is assembled, there are also rubber products, a fan, housings, hardware products - this is all produced at the factory. We did not have a single rejection of the supplied winches. We are proud of it, and our technical and production competencies are ready to develop, so that our winch is not inferior to its Western counterparts, - said Belyaev.

In the past three years alone, a subsidiary of SEGP LLC "Wellift" doubled the production of gear winches. In 2017, there were 2,300 of them, this year they plan to release about 4,000, and for 2019, the goal is to increase the figure to 6,000. Since 2012, more than 10,000 elevator winches have been sold worth more than a billion rubles. New technological equipment of the plant allows in the shortest possible time to complete the full cycle of manufacturing components and parts.

Next Sarapulsky generator plant is preparing to begin the serial production of gearless elevator winches. They are smaller in size, consume little electricity, do not make so much noise and do not need to be installed in a large elevator machine room. Due to the production of winches, SEGP increases the share of civilian output. Now in the composition of the products shipped, this figure reaches 20 percent, whereas three years ago it was only eight percent. However, the winches are not the only civilian products of the plant.

- There are other areas that we successfully deal with and intend to engage in - for example, the development of outdoor electric vehicles. Just over 10 years ago, we began to explore the direction of explosion-proof engines. Today we supply them to oil and gas workers, and we occupy about a third of the Russian market, "concluded Alexei Belyaev.

Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities - Chief State Housing Inspector of Russia Andrei Chibis, who attended the official opening of the new production line, noted that the market for domestic elevator winches is very promising.

Lift SEGZ 5

- The overhaul program, which was hard to launch, has an effect not only in the form of renovated houses and working elevators, but also in the form of an incentive for the development of our industry. It is great that in Udmurtia, in Sarapul, production appeared where the production of winch equipment is localized, and now it supplies it to our American partners. This indicates a high quality product. I hope that in the near future the Udmurt enterprise will be one of the key suppliers of elevator equipment in the country. It is fundamentally important that the winch is the main and most dangerous part of the elevator, it is done here, it is worth a lot, - said Andrei Chibis.

Source: special project Russian Newspaper

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