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News about elevators

Selection of a contractor for maintenance of elevators

Moscow elitniy

Maintenance of elevators is an important component in the complex maintenance of any multi-storey facility, regardless of whether it is residential or industrial. Moreover, the specificity of the elevator economy is caused by the fact that its maintenance is performed by a specialized enterprise, and not by the general structures of the housing and communal services.

Now the circle of persons responsible for the state of passenger lifts is the owners of buildings and management companies who are responsible for the maintenance of passenger lifts, elevators and escalators.

from August 1, 2017, the new "Rules for the organization of safe use and maintenance of elevators, lifting platforms for disabled people, passenger conveyors (moving footpaths) and escalators, with the exception of escalators in subways" came into force. Details of this material can be found in our article "New rules for the use of elevators in Russia."

montazh liftov1aConsidering the importance of elevators, both for living and for organizing production processes, the maintenance of elevators is based on the use of constant technical supervision. The specialist of the service company should regularly check the direct operation of the elevator, evaluating those or other parameters. Thus, the ability of the elevator to perform its functions in the normal mode is confirmed.

If this capacity is not confirmed (for example, if any parameters exceed the normatively defined values), the elevator will need to be put on repair. Obviously, the operation of faulty elevators is fraught with serious problems.
Accordingly, for the maintenance of elevators, it is necessary to select a company that can not only conduct competent diagnostics, but also carry out repairs in the shortest possible time. For this, it is necessary to have highly qualified certified specialists and modern equipment.

In newly built houses to determine the organization for the performance of maintenance of elevators no problems. Usually the organization that carried out the installation of elevators and is selected for their maintenance. The account of all lifts, elevators and escalators put into operation is carried out by the authorized body in the register of objects.

If an apartment building or any industrial facility has long been put into operation, then the best way to determine the qualification of a serving company is to review its customers, especially if in the process of cooperation they needed urgent repairs.

mu1All elevators must be equipped with a two-way communication system with the control room.
Elimination of elevator failures must be performed within a period not exceeding 24 hours from the moment of its stop, when it is not connected with major overhaul or modernization.
In the event of an emergency stop of the elevator, the evacuation of persons located on the inside of the elevator car must be performed within 30 minutes from the moment the signal is registered.

Qualitative maintenance of elevators implies a wide range of activities:

  • Scheduled technical inspections;
  • Emergency technical inspections;
  • Routine maintenance of units and assemblies;
  • Scheduled and unscheduled repairs, including capital repairs.

Based on the specific tasks of the customer, maintenance of elevators is usually divided into three categories:

  1. Periodic maintenance. The least expensive, but not the most effective, because it implies a limited range of one-time works.
  2. Normal maintenance. Permanent maintenance of elevator facilities, plus emergency on-call visits.
  3. Full maintenance. The most qualitative option, because it is based on the principle of "all inclusive".

The group of companies "MITOL" performs installation and maintenance of elevators, escalators and travolators in Moscow and the Moscow region and meets all the requirements "Rules for the organization of safe use and maintenance of elevators, lifting platforms for disabled people, passenger conveyors (moving footpaths) and escalators, escalators in metro. "
The group of companies "MITOL" has qualified qualified specialists, its own production base, modern dispatching service and emergency technical service.

Group of companies "MITOL" on the elevator market of Russia for 20 years. Today, we manufacture more than 700 elevators per year and serve more than 8,000 facilities in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Welcome to MITOL!

Installation of elevators. Disadvantages of living in skyscrapers

Neboskreb oblaka2

The construction of skyscrapers in the modern world is already connected not with the problem of vacant places in the cities for construction, but rather a confirmation of their status for companies. Today, skyscrapers do not surprise anyone, and they have already reached a height of more than one kilometer. In Saudi Arabia, the 1007-meter tower of the Kingdom Tower is being built, in Kuwait there is a 1001-meter tower Madinat al-Hareer, etc. In Russia, the 354-meter residential tower of the IFC Oko in Moscow City is headed by the head of the Lakhta Center (462 m), which will occupy the second place in Russia and Europe, after the Ostankino TV tower (540 m). Also, in Grozny is cost 435 meter skyscraper "Ahmat-Tower".

Buyers of apartments in skyscrapers most often attract, of course, some status of such apartments, a homogeneous social environment and chic views from the windows to the sky - some tenants like to watch often through a telescope. But, as they say, there is always another side of the coin. Life in a skyscraper has a lot of nuances and features that are not always so enjoyable. Let's indicate the main "minuses".


A very serious argument of housing in skyscrapers is the cost of apartments. According to calculations and experts' opinion, housing in skyscrapers is 2-2.5 times more expensive than in conventional residential buildings. This applies to the cost of utilities and insurance services. Indeed, the maintenance of skyscrapers requires much more costs.

Fire safety

A great danger to the inhabitants of skyscrapers is a fire. Not even the fire itself, but measures to evacuate a huge number of people from the place of ignition and their withdrawal from the building. As the experts say, despite the high development of technologies in construction, the use of absolutely non-combustible materials is impossible. Therefore, a fire is a real threat. So, in 2009 there was a fire with the building of the CCTV Tower in Beijing under construction and a fire in 2013 in the construction of the "Olymp" Tower in Grozny-City, where the finishing works were carried out.

Seismic safety

Any earthquake is a danger to skyscrapers. Although any building is designed for seismic resistance and is provided by the materials and frame structure, geological surveys are carried out more carefully when choosing a site for the construction of a skyscraper. In the event of an earthquake, the difficulty lies in the rapid evacuation of people from the building. Although, the destruction of skyscrapers from earthquakes today is not recorded in the world, if we consider a skyscraper building at least 150 meters high.


Since it is impossible to ventilate in a skyscraper, by opening windows and transoms, with a breakdown of the air conditioner or a power outage, the room temperature rises rapidly, especially in summer or in hot climatic zones, and this is an inconvenience to residents.

Neboskreb oblaka1Lovely view from the window

One of the "pluses", which are often spoken in advertising by developers: "A beautiful view from the window" denies the residents of the upper floors of skyscrapers. In rainy weather, they see only a veil of clouds, and during a thunderstorm a more terrible sight. Although, any building is equipped with lightning arresters and is in it during a thunderstorm absolutely safely.

Possible technical problems

Some technical problems during life in skyscrapers: a weak pressure of water in the pipes on the upper floors, problems with the elevator during peak hours. When designing, installing elevators and their number, it was calculated on the number of permanent residents of the building and the number of visitors, but during peak hours this calculation does not work. Maintenance of elevators in skyscrapers is associated with a large flow of passengers and a huge speed of elevator movement, because elevators are basically all high-speed. In high-speed elevators, there is the problem of a sharp drop in pressure, which makes some people feel bad. Modern skyscrapers have neither opening windows nor balconies. Fresh air in the room comes through the air conditioning system. Although the windows do not open, they do exist. And there is one interesting point related to their washing. Living in a simple house, a person can wash their windows at least ten times a day. In skyscrapers, professional mountaineers are engaged in this, they are hired only a couple of times a year. Therefore, at the first desire to "update" the view will not work, exactly, as well as go out to smoke on the balcony.

Not enough parking available

One of the most important problems for residents of skyscrapers is the lack of parking for personal transport. All the while, there are not enough places for huge underground parking lots. After all, except for the tenants of a skyscraper, office workers, restaurants, beauty salons and other organizations need to be in parking lots, which are usually located on the lower floors of the building to increase its profitability.

Security Issues

A huge accumulation of the number of residents, staff of institutions, clients and guests in one place, overcrowding of skyscrapers creates the complexity of supporting people's safety. But the security service of the building has its own individual police, to support the order and prevent offenses and theft.


Living in modern skyscrapers, which are considered elite, housing "premium", has not only a huge number of benefits, but also some shortcomings. Therefore, when buying residential apartments in skyscrapers, it is better to know all the nuances and to choose the right floor and location of your housing on the sides of the world. And, nevertheless, to live in a skyscraper there are more advantages, as everything is in one place, only on different floors. In the building there are also shops, restaurants, fitness halls, pharmacies, cinemas, banks, everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Installation of elevators. Aquadam underwater conditions

AquaDom von Oben2

If you were lucky enough to visit the capital of Germany, Berlin, by all means visit the world's largest Aquarium Aquarium. Especially to see this underwater miracle is worth the families who have children, since the latter will just be delighted with him.
The aquarium is located in a luxurious five-star hotel "Radisson". All interested persons can get to his yard by buying a ticket, which, however, costs as much as 19 euros. However, everyone who saw Aquad, was enthusiastic about its incredible size and marine life. It is a tall elongated cylinder located in the lobby of the hotel. The city also has an interesting complex "The Marine Life of Berlin", in which, in addition to this aquarium, there are several smaller ones, and the oceanarium.

AquaDom von Oben1To build this marvelous magnificence, it took more than two years of work and a fabulous amount of about thirteen million euros. But such expenses of time and money very soon paid off, because Aquad quickly won among tourists the glory of the best attractions of all Germany.

The implementation of such a large-scale construction was carried out by the famous American company, which used modern innovative technologies for this. The architects created the shape of the cylinder in order to accommodate a fairly large elevator in the aquarium, which accommodates up to thirty people. Installation of the elevator in two floors inside the aquarium was made for the first time in construction. It is from this that a survey of the marine inhabitants of Aquadoma is made. The two-storey elevator rises upward in five minutes, that is, it moves slowly so that you can view the aquarium. Fish, of which there are more than fifty species, are placed in the water evenly due to the fact that they live at different depths. And if someone wants to admire the beautiful sea inhabitants more than once, you can always book a room in the hotel, and enjoy this show as much as you want. But this pleasure is expensive. However, tourists do not repel this.

The size of Aquadoma is impressive: the height is about twenty-five meters, the diameter is about eleven and a half meters, and the weight is more than two thousand tons. The design is made of acrylic glass and cylinders having a thickness of over twenty centimeters. The difficulty is still in the maintenance of the elevator, as it is inside the aquarium.

To clean the aquarium and feed the fish, scuba divers daily dive into it. Lighting and heating of water occur thanks to the light that comes through the transparent dome on top. And in the dark, this work performs artificial lighting.
Aquad is becoming more popular every day among both Berliners and tourists. The most affluent of them can afford to rent a room in this hotel and admire the depths of the sea regularly, because, they say, it calms the nervous system. In any case, the visitors of this huge aquarium will remain happy and happy.

Installation of elevators. Manhattan - full of skyscrapers of people


Manhattan is the most famous area of ​​New York, which is its "heart". The island of Manhattan was opened in 1609 by the English captain Henry Hudson (by the way, in honor of him, the river dividing the states of New York was named). It stretches for 21 km along the coast of the Hudson River. Often, speaking of New York, US residents have in mind Manhattan - the main cultural and financial center of the whole country.

It is almost impossible to get lost in Manhattan, all the streets are numbered from south to north, and quarters are numbered from 1 to 16 from west to east. Such an architectural breakdown looks like the idea of ​​a rectangular grid and is perfectly visible on the map. Manhattan is conditionally divided into three parts: Aptown (Upper), Middletown (Middle) and Downtown (Lower).
It is with the city of Downtown that the tourists who come here begin their journey, in which the most famous and longest street of Manhattan - Broadway originates. It is home to numerous shops, shopping centers, banks, restaurants, theaters and attractions. This is the stock exchange of New York, and City Hall - the local city hall, and the Brooklyn Bridge - a great engineering structure, and Herald Square, and much more.

manhattan nizhniy650

In Middletown life is boiling even more. Here you can see the Empire State Building, Times Square, Bryan Park, the New York Public Library, the Kolmabas Circle and of course the Central Park, where you can relax on the numerous lawns from the hustle and bustle of the streets, have a small picnic and enjoy impressions received from Manhattan.
Aptown, located north of the Central Park, is less attractive for tourists, although there is a lot of interesting. Most of it is occupied by Harlem - the "black capital of America", in which the crime rate has dropped significantly and museums, cinemas, shops and shopping centers are opening more and more often. In this area is Columbia University, part of the Ivy League.
In Manhattan, most of New York's attractions are located, including many skyscrapers. The very first skyscraper - House-iron was built in the early XX century and has a triangular shape. Modern skyscrapers amaze with their greatness: the Ampar-State Building, which has long been a visiting card of Manhattan and has 102 floors, magnificent Chrysler Building, Grandt Central - the railway station, and many others.
An interesting sightseeing facility is the Nelson Tower, which has a height of 171 meters. In the tower only 40 floors and maintenance of elevators are made regularly. One of the special buildings of Manhattan is the Hayden Planetarium, located in the Upper West Side in the Museum of Earth and Space Rose.

manhettan svyatoy Pavel650

The Church of St. Paul is the most ancient landmark of the city. The building, made in Georgian style, has been preserved since 1766! Also the historical monuments include the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Church of the Holy Communion, the Grace-si mansion, the St. John the Divine Cathedral and the buildings in the style of the Greek Renaissance, dating back to the XIX century.
No less attractive places for tourists are the numerous museums: the Museum of American Crafts, the Museum of Memory on September 11, the Metropolitan Museum, the Gallery of the American Bible Society and others.

In the concert halls of Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the Broadway Theater you can see various performances and musicals. The most famous cultural institution in Manhattan is the Manhattan Center. This is a whole complex, which includes several ballrooms, concert stages and recording studios. There are regularly held various events attracting a large number of tourists.

manhattan broadway650

Manhattan is also famous for its various entertainment venues. These are sports clubs, health centers and spa salons, two wonderful zoos in which not only children, but also adults, nightclubs and more are spending time with great joy. Lovers of shopping will also be satisfied. Here in each district in a large number are located shopping pavilions, prestigious shops fashion boutiques.
After a long trip to Manhattan, you will definitely want to refresh yourself in one of the many restaurants and cafes. Leading positions among tourists have won restaurant Harry's, cafe The Chef, coffee house Radina's Coffeehouse, bar So Long and others.
A profound trail of destruction and sorrow left a terrorist act in Manhattan in September 2011 and the hurricane Sandi, which continued to rage from October 29 to October 31, 2012. Despite this, Manhattan remains the main area not only of New York, but of the whole country.

Manhattan with its crazy rhythm of life, sparkling lights and majestic skyscrapers can not leave any tourist indifferent. Moreover, anyone who has ever been here once, will certainly want to come back again.

Installation of elevators. Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

petronas kuala-lumpur

Designed by the Argentine architect César Pelly, the Petronas Twin Towers, are one of the most interesting places in Kuala Lumpur, where visiting is on the first place in the list of every tourist who comes to Malaysia.
The towers of Petronas are built according to all the canons of Islamic architecture. The eight-pointed star was taken as the basis of the buildings, as a symbol of Islam, the main religion of Malaysia.

The towers were built long enough from 1992 to 1998. The customer of the construction was Petronas oil and gas company, in honor of which the towers were named. The construction of each of the towers was conducted by two different companies in order to create competition and increase labor productivity on both sides. And, thus, to speed up the erection of skyscrapers.
The towers were erected on soft ground. The foundation, on which the architectural structures were located, was flooded for several days. The depth was more than one hundred meters. In the history of today and today, this foundation can rightfully be considered the largest on a world scale. Also, the installation of elevators in the amount of 78 pieces was made. Maintenance of elevators is carried out by qualified specialists. Emergency elevator services work around the clock.


Skyscrapers reach a height of 452 meters, and consist of 88 floors. The towers housed office buildings, art galleries, conference rooms, museums, a concert hall, and a mosque. Modern and traditional art, classic and modern, national costumes and artifacts can all be seen in the art gallery. Pictures of famous artists and local talents will also please you with their uncommonness. The local symphony orchestra of Malaysia plays in the concert hall.

The towers are connected by a chic glass bridge, called the Sky Bridge. The bridge does not have a fixed mount (the mount consists of hinges), so even the stormy weather is not terrible for him. The bridge is located at an altitude of 170 meters from the ground at the level of 41-42 floors. There is an observation deck on the bridge. It has a wonderful view of the city and KLCC Park at the foot of the towers.
Petronas Twin Towers - the highest among all the other twin towers. Originally the highest towers in America (Chicago) were considered. Their height reached 527 meters. But during the commission, the fact that the main height falls on TV antennas was revealed, so it was decided by unanimous decision to remove the American towers from the title "The highest twin towers".
Architects have made enormous efforts to make the towers of Petronas higher and majestic. The height of the towers was increased by the spiers, giving an overall appearance to both structures.
The towers of Petronas impress with its scale. Their unusual appearance, height and grandeur stun look and breathtaking. This is a visiting card not only for Kuala Lumpur, but for the whole of Malaysia.

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