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News about elevators

Installation of elevators for a cottage

Beautiful and comfortable lift for the cottage

Many believe that the elevator in the cottage - this is an unjustified luxury luxury, without which you can do without. But everyone agrees that the elevator in a private house will look beautiful, unusual, exquisite, extravagant. In addition, the practical use of such an elevator is very justified. Moving all day from the third floor to the first and back, along the steep steps - it's tiring not only for people of advanced age. And if you need to move any heavy things - the elevator is very necessary by the way. And imagine that the house is a disabled person, for people with disabilities, an elevator can become an indispensable key element of a cottage.

kottedzh lift

In any case, the elevator for a cottage is, first of all, a design execution, rather than an engineering one. It is necessary to provide for the dimensions of the elevator and its location, so that it fits as closely as possible into the external interior. Undoubtedly, it should become one of their main decorations at home. But when ordering an elevator, do not forget about its practical application. Therefore it is necessary to determine its load capacity, capacity.

The elevator for the cottage has a number of distinctive features. First of all, the elevator has its own hydraulic drive, which contributes to its almost complete noiselessness. In addition, the elevator will not require serious electricity costs. Lifting capacity for a cottage, as a rule, is enough to transport small-sized heavy loads or several (three-four) people at a time.

When installing the elevator there will be no need for a special room for it. Can be mounted almost anywhere in the house. During installation there will be no need for large-scale works, so do not worry about your repair, ordering the installation of such an elevator.

The Day of the Worker of the Lifting Industry

montazh liftov1a

Dear colleagues and friends! We congratulate you on our professional holiday - Day of the Worker of the Lifting Industry!

This year marks 69 years since the adoption of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR "On the organization of production of elevators." Although the official status of our holiday has not yet received in Russia, we have been celebrating it for several years. Although, we are congratulated on the holiday and on the Day of the Builder, and on the Day of the employee of the housing and communal services. We hope that the State Duma and the Russian government will decide this year to celebrate the Day of the Worker of the Lifting Industry.

I would like to wish this holiday to everyone who works in the elevator health, happiness, luck in all endeavors, new creative ideas and production achievements.
Our dear is only up and this is the way to success!

Administration of the Group of Companies MITOL.

Merry Christmas 2018


Merry Christmas! The star has already lit,
That the magi announced this,
To the love of the world spread,
To the faith gained strength.

To hear the good news In every house
where there is a living soul!
Be happy that God is in the world!
Merry Christmas, dear, I congratulate you!

Installation of elevators. Magnetic lifts in Germany

Innovative lift on magnetic basis will soon be launched in Germany

Lift magnit2

One of Germany's largest industrial concerns, ThyssenKrupp, officially unveiled the newest non-contact vertical magnetic lift design on its 246 meter test tower in Rottweil, Germany, known as the Multisystem. The cabin moves on the principle of a train on a magnetic cushion.

Initially announced in 2014, the concept is currently being tested in three of the 15 elevator shafts of the building. The technology has the potential to reduce the weight of the elevator car by 50 percent, as well as the ability to completely rethink the way buildings are built because of a 25 percent increase in available space. The East Side Tower in Berlin, one of the tallest skyscrapers in Germany, will be the first building in the world to use a non-contact vertical construction of a magnetic lift. The completion of the East Side Tower is scheduled for 2019. It should be noted that the builders specially fortified the concrete foundation of the mines with the purpose of reliable use with multi-toned elevator cabs, plying inside them at a speed comparable to the speed of the Sapsan electric train.

Multisystem is the biggest innovation in the design of elevators, as the cable elevator was invented more than 160 years ago. Replacement of cables with linear motors, which provide both vertical and horizontal movement, not only leads to the fact that more cabs can move along single shafts, but also offers architects completely new possibilities for designing buildings.

Installation of elevators. Petronas Towers

Tower Petronas

The capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur has many interesting sights. But, the most grandiose and majestic structure is the towers "Petronas". Many tourists, having got to Kuala Lumpur, first of all go to look at the famous towers - a masterpiece of architecture. The author of the project is the Argentine architect Cesar Pelli. He tried to put his bold ideas into the project. When you stand beside the twin towers, you involuntarily feel dizzy. In the name of the towers, the author put all the meaning. First of all, he was worried about the form. He analyzed, invented. And, finally, it was decided to build two next-standing buildings, which should be the highest in the world.

The Petronas oil corporation financed the construction.

The project and construction of the Petronas Towers Twin Towers was financed by Petronas State Petroleum Corporation. For all was spent about 800 million dollars. Some part of the expenses was financed by the large companies of Malaysia, which later occupied part of the office premises. The towers were connected to each other by covered junctions in the form of a bridge.

Petronas towers were made in the form of corn cobs, but with observance of all canons and traditions of Islamic architecture. The height of the towers "Petronas" is 452 meters and can be seen from all parts of the city. Both buildings have 88 floors. They accommodate office premises of companies, several restaurants and bars, a cinema, exhibition halls and a shopping center. On the 86th floor there is an observation deck. The most unique in the project is the air bridge "Sky Bridge", connecting both towers at the level of 41 and 42 floors.

On the sides of the towers there are semicircular projections, which have been built up for stability. The air bridge is located so that visitors can see the whole of Kuala Lumpur from a bird's eye view. The government of Malaysia demanded that the towers be decorated with steel spiers. Therefore, the towers "Petronas" are the highest twin towers in the world since 1998. These towers - skyscrapers should be a symbol of the new Malaysia, which is rapidly developing. The idea of ​​Cesar Pelly was embodied. Today the towers of Petronas are the face of Malaysia. The towers are a symbiosis of the most modern technologies, fantasies of the architect and traditions of Islam.

Two-storey elevators in the towers.

The buildings are impressive not only for their height. The total area of ​​all premises is forty-eight football fields. The foundation of the towers is installed on concrete piles that go deep into the earth for 100 meters. Since the towers did not have excess space for additional elevator shafts, the installation of elevators was carried out in a confined space and a cunning principle was applied here. All the elevators in the towers are two-story, that is, when landing on their own floor, if it is odd, then on the elevator you can only exit on an even floor, and if even, then on even. Interesting passenger elevators can be seen in the towers "Petronas". Maintenance of elevators is carried out regularly, mainly at night. But the elevator emergency services are experiencing some inconvenience, as if in an emergency situation they have to get people out of the elevator booths immediately on two floors, because the lifts are two-story. In total, 78 freight and passenger elevators are in the Petronas tower, and they are divided into tiers: up to the 16th floor one can climb on one group of elevators, from 16th to 41st floor - on the other, and to go up to the top floor, bridge. All elevators are very spacious and each elevator car is designed for 52 people. To go up to the top floor you need to spend a half minutes.
At night, the towers are backlit. Each tower has about 16,000 windows. The illuminated towers give the impression of a fairytale castle.

The images of the towers show how successfully the incompatible one was combined (different architectural styles and epochs were combined). The entire scale of investment should be convinced in the material well-being of the country.
The towers "Petronas" is the "Mecca" of the creators of computer games.
As in all of Asia, the service staff is friendly and friendly. At any time you will be honored and all your requests fulfilled.

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