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News about elevators

Installation of elevators. Elevator to the orbit

The Japanese plan to lift installation to communicate with the orbit of the Earth

Who would have thought that a fantastic dream of the founder of cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky on the construction of a huge transport hub between the earth and the "Heavenly Palace" in the sky will be relevant in our time. Japanese and American engineers closely undertook the design of a space elevator, promising to launch the final transport system in 20-30 years.

Lift na orbitu3

 The Japanese company "Obayasi" announced the commissioning of a celestial path for 2050. Head of Satomi Katsuyama, in brief, explains how it will be installed and what to keep a heavenly road. First, at a distance of 96 000 kilometers from the ground to install a special counterweight, which will connect with the ground monorail. Monorail will be an elevator lift. On the assumption of scientists, most of the way the elevator will go up due to the centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation. Having 36 thousand kilometers of the elevator car, she rolled to the station. Due to the fact that the center of gravity will be located in geosynchronous orbit, the entire structure will be constantly moving with the Earth, with the same speed.

Monorail from nano tubes

 To make communication monorail strong enough engineers propose the use of nano tubes of carbon compounds. The characteristics of nano tube is 100 times stronger than steel and that is important in a hundred times lighter than metal products.

Lift na orbitu2

 For travel booths upstairs will be used with lifting capacity of 30 people and a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Starting with Earth explorers reached geostationary orbit in a week. In geostationary orbit 36 ​​000 km altitude orbit station can accommodate. For travelers, it will be the last station. For scientists, astronauts and technicians will be able to climb higher, right up to the very end point, the place where the counterweight will be located. Engineers do not exclude the possibility of a monorail connection with the lunar surface.

Project cost

 The most practical connection monorail place in the world will be a point approximate to the equator. The reason for that will serve as the natural factors - the lack of storms and lightning, which is important for the safety of the elevator.

 According to the most conservative estimates the project will cost about $ 15 billion.

 The project is certainly crazy. It is difficult to imagine its realization. On the other hand, if you go back 60 years ago, few believed that a person could be months away from Earth at a distance of thousands of kilometers. In favor of this project are every day more and more open to new products nano technology. It is possible that in ten years in the building will soar other, more advanced and cost elements that can not fail to affect the expression of the monorail with fantastic ideas into reality.

Happy New Year! 2016 monkey!

new year monkey 600

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Installation of elevators. Car lifts the Elbe.

Installation of elevators in the tunnel under the Elbe.

The Elbe Tunnel 1

The history of the tunnel under the Elbe.

In the late 19th century on the right bank of the Elbe was situated cargo port of Hamburg, who did not cope with the huge volume of goods transported and had to be expanded, increasing the territory due Shtaynverder area, which was on the left bank. To dockers, and they at that time was about 20 thousand, to get to the other side, you had to walk about 12 kilometers to get to a single bridge. Or swim on ferries that with such a flow has long been not handle, and depended on the weather. During an ice drift small ferry simply not working. Hours of waiting on ferries and their frequent clashes with ships and dock workers led to a strike in 1986.
To solve this problem it was proposed many projects:

  • Build a new bridge, but as the Elbe were seagoing vessels, the height of it was to be 55 meters and the cost proved unaffordable;
  • It was proposed and swing bridge, but it would take up much space and because of the low rate of turn made it difficult to cross-sea vessels;
  • Device cable car and other projects are simply not even considered.

The choice fell on the tunnel

Tender, who conducted the Hamburg Senate in 1901 (if it could be said, at the time) won the tunnel project engineer Ludwig Vendemuta and supervised the construction of Otto Stockhausen, which began in 1907. Tunnel employed about 4,400 workers, engineers and technical workers.

The Elbe Tunnel 2

The tunnel was a two pipes with a diameter of 6 meters laid at a depth of 24 meters, for travel in both directions and the length of 426.5 m each. Tunneling shield jacks moved, excavated soil was spilling out, and the walls of the tunnel and immediately reinforced concrete. To tunneling works were normal and in the tunnel does not leak water, it constantly pressurizing the air. Many workers became ill and three decompression sickness even died.

The Elbe Tunnel 6

In 1911 the construction of the tunnel ended, and he was put into operation. The cost of the entire complex of buildings was 10.7 million gold marks, which at that time was enormous, but the cost-effectiveness was evident. After all, the bandwidth of the tunnel was about 14,000 people per hour.

And where is the installation of elevators?

The Elbe Tunnel 3

The main feature of the Hamburg tunnel - the lack of entries in the tunnel, that is, access roads. People, horse-drawn carriages and cars enter the tunnel to the elevator lifts, although provided for pedestrians and metal ladders. For the entrance to the tunnel used two passenger elevators and four car elevators. Elevator maintenance of the tunnel regularly conducted more than 90 years without replacement.

The Elbe Tunnel 4


Only in the 2000s, during the reconstruction of the tunnel, load-bearing structures have been replaced by elevator shafts and elevators themselves. Now car lift installed capacity of 10 tons and can accommodate vehicles up to 9 m. The turbines on the ceiling provide a replacement and air circulation in the tunnel.

The Elbe Tunnel 8

The tunnel is divided into the roadway with speed bumps and sidewalks on both sides of the road.

With the commissioning of a new tunnel, as the old works.

In the mid-70s put into operation a new 8-band road tunnel through the Elbe and the old moved to the engineering and historical plane.

The Elbe Tunnel 5

But ... today annually through the old tunnel Hamburg more than 220 million vehicles, 60 thousand cyclists and pedestrians more than 700 thousand. For vehicles up to 1.9 m wide tunnel works in the daytime on weekdays and travel costs 2.5 euros, and for cyclists and pedestrians - around the clock and free of charge.

On the 100th anniversary of the opening of the tunnel in September 2011, he was recognized as a historic symbol of engineering and the art of building in Germany, and earlier, in 2003, he is under state protection as a historical and cultural monument.

The entrance to the elevator car

Installation of elevators. The fastest elevator in China

China is building the fastest elevator in the world and a journey of 95 floor will only take 43 seconds.

New skyscraper in China will have the fastest ultra-high-speed elevator.

CTF financial center of Guangzhou-Guangzhou China

This CTF Guangzhou International Finance Center building which will be completed in 2016
Inside, it will have two fast elevators, and with them 93 "slow."
At two can travel 1200 meters per minute at maximum speed.
This makes them the fastest elevators in the world, traveling at a speed of 70kmh, beating the previous record of about 13 kmh.

Hitachi announced that they have to build the world's fastest ultra-high-speed elevator to the CTF international financial center of Guangzhou in Guangzhou, China.
The building will be completed in 2016, and inside will be fast elevators that can climb the 95 floors of 43 seconds.

A total of gigantic structure will have 111 floors above ground and five underground floors. On the four floors of underground parking will be available. The floors of the 70 th will take office offices and technical rooms. Above, 98 th floor will be inclusive 5 * hotel of international hotel Four Seasons. 99 and 100th floor observation area will take a number of cafes and restaurants. On the 103 floor will be a helipad.

Although it will not be the tallest skyscraper in the world, but its elevators will certainly be the fastest. At least two of the 95 lifts.
For example, take a look and compare the already constructed high-speed elevators in the world.

JohnHancockCenterChicago USA

John Hancock Center - Chicago, USA
Height: 1,129 feet (344 metres)
Speed: 20.5 mph (33 kph)
Ground to roof: 38 seconds *

ChinaWorldTradeCenterTower III

China World Trade Center Tower III - Beijing, China
Height: 1,083 feet (330 metres)
Speed: 22 mph (35 kph)
Ground to roof: 33 seconds *


Burj Khalifa - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Height: 2,717 feet (828 metres)
Speed: 22 mph (35 kph)
Ground to roof: 82 seconds *

taiwan-taipei-101 300

Taipei 101 - Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 1,670 feet (509 metres)
Speed: 37.7 mph (60.1 kph)
Ground to roof: 30 seconds *

CTF financial center of Guangzhou - Guangzhou, China (completion in 2016)
The height of 1739 feet (530 meters)
Speed: 44 mph (70 kph)
Ground to roof: 43 seconds *

* If you are traveling at full speed

Installation of the elevators is provided and is powered by a synchronous motor magnet, which allows for high performance required to achieve high speeds.
With a maximum speed elevators will lift you up nearly 1,200 meters per minute, which corresponds to a rate of about 70 kilometers per hour. But the descent speed elevators will be much slower, about 36 kilometers per hour.
Elevators will be raised from the ground floor to the 95th, and this trip will take you just 43 seconds.

Maintenance of elevators will be carried out by Hitachi and as they say - the elevators will have the technology that supports the safety and comfort of their operation, so passengers will have a comfortable ride, even at these high speeds.

Kasumigaseki Building1

Hitachi company has a rich history. More in 1968 was built the first high-rise building in Kasumigaseki Japan in 36 floors, and it was installed elevators. These were the fastest elevators at the time. Their speed was 300 meters per minute. Today, Hitachi once again goes back to the pedestal of the fastest elevators.

The new high-speed elevators, Hitachi provides a lot of security measures:

- They include a brake system and an emergency stop device that can detect an excessive increase of speed.
- The brake system also has high resistance against heat even in the unlikely event of malfunction, they can stop the elevator during operation at high speed.
- To maintain the level of comfort, guide wheels at the four corners of the elevator sideways can also detect vibrations due to wind pressure.
-To Prevent pressure on the man's ears, Hitachi has provided the change of air pressure in the cabin when the elevator going up and down.

Already in 2016 we will see all the virtues of innovation, Hitachi elevator visiting Guangzhou CTF building an international financial center in China.

Installation of elevators. Cottage elevators from the United Kingdom

Home elevators from the company Life Style Lifts


For people living in a country house, which has more than one floor, there is a need to lift the hedgehog under construction cottage. But not only that staircase takes up space, the elevator takes a few squares of living space. Even if, elevator shaft is outside the house that can be used only in the south of Russia, difficulties in installing the elevator will be enough. Until now, traditional home elevators were very cumbersome and impractical for most houses.

But a miracle occurred, and the company from the UK Life Style Lifts fill a gap in the market of home elevators. Terry lifts, built a new futuristic elevator to the country house and duplex apartments in the city that can be placed in the corner of the elevator shaft, and without which rises along the guide through the hole in the ceiling.


For people with disabilities who reside in a wheelchair or older who had difficulty walking with a stick, Terry lifts just vital. After all, they solve all problems at once by the movement up and down the floors of the house and has a load capacity of 250 kg, ie two adults easily fit in an elevator and you can even grab a grandson.

The first impression of a new lift, as if you install the shower cubicle in the corner of the room, but this is only the first reaction. But when guests turn away, you move to the second floor and that's a miracle, my friends can not understand where are you gone with shower. Real time travel in the Tardis.

Installation of the elevator will take from 4 to 5 days, with all the construction and assembly work and electrical part, that is the key. The elevator has a backup battery that during a power failure, the lift is easy to return to the first floor. Also, the elevator has a standard 30 minute fire protection function of the EU between the sexes, whether the lift is parked upstairs or down.


Security at the height of the elevator, because it is equipped with micro-sensors, pressure-sensitive panel of the lower and upper. Upon contact with any obstacle, instantly stops the movement of the elevator and pinch-point is only 20 mm. If the home has small children or grandchildren, then lift the company will not cause them any harm, even if the child is put under a special toy or a kitten. Lift stops at once and all be healthy.
Also, the lift is equipped with a remote control, with which you can independently move the elevator from floor to floor, even if there are no people.

Life Style Lifts company has already exported more than 200 lifts from the UK to other countries, including France, China and Australia.

Our company MiTOL plans to organize the supply of these wonderful cottage elevators and make installation of lifts at the facilities of Moscow and the Moscow region.

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