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News about elevators

Installation of elevators. Personal lifts.

Installation of elevators. Personal lifts.

villa lift2What progress! We have not noticed, what used to be a fairy tale or story of some posh American blockbuster, has now become a reality. Now lift the country house, no one is not surprising. And what happened? It was very cheap and available? Market, gentlemen! There is a demand - there is a supply. Well, now seriously.
Elevators in a cottage or country house is almost indistinguishable from the lifts in a normal house. There is only one big difference, you can choose the one elevator that only you and do it in the configuration that is convenient to you.

And what a choice?

The choice of lifts for villas, cottages and country houses is huge and probably you will need not only passenger elevator and freight.
Why freight elevator?
Strange question, if you have a vacation home, you must have a car and not one, and for each family member. And where are your "Swallows" will spend the night? That's right, the underground parking lot, but for now it is already required by the freight elevator convenient for them. A walk down to the parking lot, you can on a normal passenger elevator.

villa lift1Do you think all this is very difficult and expensive?
Not at all. The cost of installing an elevator would cost you 3-5% of the cost of your holiday structure.
What type of lift you choose will depend on what state you suburban buildings. Or is it ready cottage, or you are just planning to build. In the second case, you can choose any type of lift, and the first, your only addl panoramic lift or closed type.

For a more complete picture of the situation you need to read our article "Installing a lift. Getting Started. "
What lifts are usually installed in cabins:

  • Deaf elevators. They are installed inside the building and provided even for issuing technical specifications for the design and structure of your holiday can be as private or panoramic (open).
  • Extension lifts. Installation of lifts performed on a separate foundation from the outside of a building or structure for fastening the frame elevator shaft bearing walls of the building is used. These lifts can also be protected and open design.

For internal lifts, we can offer you and entrance elevators, that is to get out of the elevator as you can in one, or the other way. This is very handy when placing the elevator shaft in the middle of the cottage and you can easily get to any room without going through the door. There is a code for children, that is, in those areas in which they can not go (underground parking, a parents' bedroom or sauna) without their parents, they will never fall.

All our lifts are adapted for the elderly, few moving people and the disabled. They themselves will be able to move from one level to another, it is easy to get into parking or descend into the fresh air.
When mounting the passenger and freight elevators domestic production have huge advantages as we are dealers of "Karacharovsky mechanical plant" in Moscow and the Moscow region and our prices will pleasantly surprise you.
What would you lift choose, Russian or foreign production, we will install it quickly, nicely and in time.
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Any questions, leave them in the form of feedback or ask them by clicking on the tab "questions and suggestions." We are always happy to solve your tasks.

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