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Hospital lifts from mitol

Hospital lifts from MiTOLAll of us were in hospitals, and we know that they, in addition to ordinary passenger elevators, there are elevators that are intended for internal use only. This hospital elevators that move was ill, people in wheelchairs, etc.

What requirements apply to hospital elevators

First, increased security, reliability, and equipment uptime.
Second, it is a special trim and lighting
Third, the ability of the elevators during a power outage.

And now, we'll look at in more detail.

The very purpose of hospital elevators require adherence to strict standards. Since, hospital elevators, mainly intended for the transport of patients on gurneys, wheelchairs and other vehicles of different width.
All modern hospital elevators have a smooth ride the elevator vibration is minimal, have a high stopping accuracy. In all the elevators provides the function call priority. What does this mean? Since the elevators in hospitals are not only health professionals, but also visitors, the first elevator will rise or go down to the floor, where he was summoned medical personnel.

Finishing lifts in hospitals
We will not talk about the design of the elevator car, everything can be customized. But in the standard:
1) made of stainless steel cabin wall and ceiling in accordance with the health certificate
2) a polymer coating formed from the floor of the elevator car
3) Spot LED lighting provides uninterrupted coverage of the cockpit and consume little electricity.
4) A clear and uninterrupted communication with the controller, even during a power outage, which in itself is nonsense, for hospitals. After all, even in an emergency back-up power is directly involved (diesel generators or other sources of electricity).

The main characteristics of hospital lifts

  • Hospital lifts from MiTOLLow power consumption through the use of free gear drive and frequency control.
  • All current models provide a smooth ride and leveling accuracy stop the cab floor to the floor area. It is now possible to install lifting equipment machine room.
  • In a hospital elevators reduced noise levels to 25 dB
  • When an alarm system or power failure, the cabin itself will arrive at the nearest floor and open the door to evacuate people.
  • Load capacity of hospital lifts up to 1600 kg and can accommodate 20-22 persons to 1.6
  • Elevator speed from 0.5 to 1.6 m / s
  • Depending on the size of the elevator shaft and the elevator doorway width can be from 900 to 1300 mm, but may be more.
  • Maintenance of hospital elevators is much easier than ordinary passenger, as it requires no oil changes and gearbox due to the increasing demands for them.

Supply and installation of hospital lifts

Group mitol will supply and installation of hospital lifts both domestic and imported. Choose for you the optimal configuration of equipment, even for non-standard shafts. Due to the huge manufacturing base and its laboratory, we adjust any parameters for your lift.
We have vast experience in the installation and maintenance of hospital elevators. Our customers are medical institutions of Moscow and Moscow region, among which, as the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces, General Hospital MVD and others.

You can now call us by phone 8 (495) 523-63-49, our specialists will inspect your facility and will pick up a lift that is needed for your institution individually.
We are always happy to solve the tasks!

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