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Freight elevators from MiTOL

gruzovoy lift2We all remember the Soviet times, when in ordinary stores could see a picture, the seller, opening the door, screaming in the elevator shaft, "Maria Ivanovna, take up a couple of boxes of mackerel and plaice box". All this happened in front of visitors of any store. Behind the seller was such a big iron box, blue or green in color from which the products are taken out, raised from the cooler basement. Now this will not see anywhere else. What freight elevators stopped working? No, just today we do not see or hear. Progress, comrades. Today, freight elevators operate silently and are hidden from the eyes of visitors, but perform the same function of movement of goods and cargo, vertical, and in large supermarkets and horizontally, with the cargo escalators.

Let's look at what are the freight elevators:

gruzovoy lift51) A small freight elevator, used in shops, cafes and restaurants, libraries, stores, warehouses and industrial buildings.
Common sizes of elevators 1000x1000x1200 mm maximum load capacity and a small lift up to 300 kg. Finishing small elevators cabins usually made of stainless steel. Another plus for these elevators that do not require their registration with the RTN. Therefore, in these types of lifts a huge demand. A lot of orders come from individuals, to set the small freight elevators in country houses and cottages (usually as kitchen).
2) Conventional freight elevators can be used in all buildings and structures, where it is technically possible to install (from 250 kg to 5000 kg).
3) Paving lifts - used in warehouses, underground parking lots, for moving goods from the street to the basement. The platform lift reaches the level of the sidewalk.
4) passenger elevator used to transport people and cargo.
gruzovoy lift45) Freight elevators with accompaniment
6) Goods lifts unaccompanied
7) Freight elevators with monorail
gruzovoy lift18) Freight elevators clutch release
Speed ​​freight elevators typically from 0.25 to 0.5 m / s and more load lift, the lower its velocity.

On the drive hoist freight elevators are divided into:

1) electric lifts, in which the drive is coming from the motor AC or DC
2) Hydraulic elevators are different smooth running and stopping accuracy, as driven by a hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic winch motor rotational type.

By the presence of the machinery space:

gruzovoy lift31) lifts to the upper machine accomodation
2) elevators with lower machine accomodation
3) elevators without machine room.
On the mechanism of opening the doors freight elevators are divided into:
1) elevators with automatic opening doors (fully automatic opening and closing the doors)
2) elevators with a semi-automatic opening doors (doors open manually and automatically closed door closer)
3) lifts with manual door opening (door shaft and the elevator opened accompanying or host)
4) elevators with a combined drive (car doors open automatically and the doors of the mine by hand)

Installation of the freight elevator can be ordered by LLC "MiTOL", call 8 (495) 523-63-49 working days. Our experts will examine the object, make the calculation of the estimated cost to install an elevator and easily perform all works.
You are always welcome!

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