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Road to the castle of Albertis on the lift cable car.

Where in Italy can you see the lift-funicular?

Of course, in the city of Genoa. The elevator is located in a beautiful medieval mansion, on the hill of Montegallo. Albertis Castle was built in 1886-1892 on the site of the foundation of the old castle of the bastion, which was here since the 16th century. On the order of the master of the castle of Captain Enrico Alberto d'Albertis, the engineers Graziani and Francesco Parodi carried out all the work on building the building under the supervision of the architect Alfredo D'Andrade.


Captain Enrico d'Albertis was a sailor and served in the Italian naval, and then - merchant fleets. In 1879, he opened the first yacht club in Italy and on two boats went on the route of Christopher Columbus using the same navigation instruments. After several round-the-world Enrico, he also participated in archaeological excavations around the world and collected an excellent ethnographic collection of various cultures of the world. Here you can see various objects of everyday life of American and African tribes and you can get to know the life and faith of the inhabitants of that time.


In 1929, in order to get to Albertis Castle, you had to walk along a 200 meter tunnel on foot and then climb up a vertical shaft 72 meters upwards on an ordinary passenger lift. But at the end of the 20th century, the constructions of the elevator shaft and all the mechanisms became useless, their major reconstruction was required. The castle museum was closed for reconstruction. The project and all the works were financed by the municipality of Genoa, the Government of Liguria and the Urban II Society. Already in 2004, a funicular was installed in the tunnel, lifts were installed and passenger elevators were reopened. That is, the Museum of the History of World Cultures again began to receive visitors.


The new lift combines the properties of a horizontal, inclined cable car and the properties of a conventional passenger elevator, not even one but two elevators. Both elevator cabins are designed for 23 people each.

The principle of operation is very simple. In the tunnel along the rails, the cab pulls the motor at a speed of 4.5 m / s using a looped steel cable running along the guide rollers. The railway track is a narrow-gauge railway that branches into two ways in front of the elevator shaft.


Since there are two booths and two elevator shafts, and there is only one way, one cabin will wait for another until it passes the horizontal path. With the help of the automatic elevator control system, cabins can not be on the same path as the horizontal section passes. After the entrance of the cabin to the elevator shaft, it is grasped by the rubber pulleys of the pneumatic actuators and inserted into the guide shafts of the elevator.


Further, the cabin of the passenger lift rises to 72 meters at a speed of 1.6 m / s. Maintenance of elevators is carried out by employees of the Genoese municipal transport company AMT.
At the top is the castle of Albertis, the former home of Captain Enrico Alberto d'Albertis, who bequeathed the castle to the city of Genoa and after the death of Enrico in 1932 he moved to the municipality as the Museum of the History of World Cultures.

Monumento Colombo

It's very easy to find a lock. From the main train station of Genoa, Piazza Principe, you need to walk to the monument to Christopher Columbus, then go to the left side of Via Balbi.

vhod Balbi

Under the signboard of the Hotel Vittoria and the entrance to the tunnel of the castle of Albertis.

Watch the video about the lift funicular.

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