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Installation of elevators. Magnetic lifts in Germany

Innovative lift on magnetic basis will soon be launched in Germany

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One of Germany's largest industrial concerns, ThyssenKrupp, officially unveiled the newest non-contact vertical magnetic lift design on its 246 meter test tower in Rottweil, Germany, known as the Multisystem. The cabin moves on the principle of a train on a magnetic cushion.

Initially announced in 2014, the concept is currently being tested in three of the 15 elevator shafts of the building. The technology has the potential to reduce the weight of the elevator car by 50 percent, as well as the ability to completely rethink the way buildings are built because of a 25 percent increase in available space. The East Side Tower in Berlin, one of the tallest skyscrapers in Germany, will be the first building in the world to use a non-contact vertical construction of a magnetic lift. The completion of the East Side Tower is scheduled for 2019. It should be noted that the builders specially fortified the concrete foundation of the mines with the purpose of reliable use with multi-toned elevator cabs, plying inside them at a speed comparable to the speed of the Sapsan electric train.

Multisystem is the biggest innovation in the design of elevators, as the cable elevator was invented more than 160 years ago. Replacement of cables with linear motors, which provide both vertical and horizontal movement, not only leads to the fact that more cabs can move along single shafts, but also offers architects completely new possibilities for designing buildings.

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